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Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, January 31st 2018
So, let's dive right into the updates that you'd have been affected by.

Do note, that for most of these changes, you're going to have to refresh your cache.
You can see how at this page:

~~Stacked Items Fix
If you had any items in your Inventory bugged/stacked, they will be automatically resolved.
Now, you might notice that clicking on another item takes longer than normal.
That is because we have over 9 million items, and we're going to have to clean that bit up at some point.

Apologies, but for now, just bear it.

~~New GCode
There are now 3 new GCodes that you can use.

For the Forums, it's a spoiler code.
For the Library/Signature, etc, it's a hoverover code.

Look at the GCode page for the syntax and examples.

~~Warfare Permissions
Yes, Rank 14s can now use the Objectives.

~~Wasteland Held Items
If you enter the WLs, you will now see your Held Items under your Fatigue bar.

The only items that you can actually click on would be Health Items, PCells, and CBells.
Using an item from this page just reloads the page itself, so you won't see "Healed for XX".

~~Improved Market
First off, things are sorted, for Rarity, within it's own category, by Trades.
When sorted by Type, it is sorted by Level, then Trades, then XP Points/Heal Amount/Other.

When you view the items, you will now see that there are extra details where applicable.
The item Level, XP, Heal Amount, Data, etc. are now all shown.

Also, if you click on the category itself to toggle them.
So, if you don't care about Armor, just toggle it away.

Another thing this changes is that you can now change the prices of your items directly from your stand.
Just double-click on the item's price, and edit it accordingly.

Now, if you at any point encounter any bugs (misalignment, item not showing up, etc.), do drop me a PM.
I'll try to get it fixed as soon as I can.
Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, September 9th 2011
So while waiting for Steven to finish the final graphics for the warfare achievements, I decided to try and start work on one of the oldest and most requested features in the game. With the new changes to hospital the need for this has become even more apparent.

The feature in question is stackable items in player inventories. I've also taken the opportunity to rewrite the entire thing in CSS3 and jQuery to make it even nicer to look at and perfectly reliable in all modern browsers. Oh yeah, you also get more inventory slots now!

Inventory Shot

We have a working prototype for you guys to play around with (link below) and give your opinions on. The way the UI handles stacking is the most intuitive method we could come up with, doing away with any need to right click or hold buttons while clicking things.


Oh yeah, this does not mean you will be able to carry out 1,280 healing items in to the wasteland. The plan is to add a hot bar below the warfare chat box that you will be able to drag quick links to abilities in to and will have set slots for healing items in. The actual amount of healing items you'll be able to take out in one go has yet to be determined.
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