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Game News posted by Meepers
Thursday, December 1st 2022
PSA: Diego's Hideout Quests involving crafting are currently bugged. I suggest you not run those quests till the fix gets pushed to live. Specifically the craft pistol and craft poison quests seem to be affected.

We have a thread in Main Forum tracking all bugs and fixes for Material storage so please check it out to see the status.
Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, November 28th 2022
So, the materials system has been updated. Will it help with the lag? We'll see.

If you encounter any bugs, let me know; use the Thread in the Main Forums.

If you have any suggestions as well, such as what the Storage Expansion quests can reward instead of just Crafting XP since storage slots are no longer a thing, use the Thread in Main Forums as well.

Also, there is a step I forgot to take into consideration that I'll resolve later this week; the items you had your old Material Storage that were not migrated, such as tools and some things like Skulls, are still stuck there, and will be moved to your inventory when I get to it.

Have a good week ahead folks.
Game News posted by rollin340
Tuesday, November 1st 2022
Alright folks, as per my thread in the Main Forums, the update is up on Dev. Go forth, and try to find any bugs you can with regards to materials.

Every material item has been deleted and turned into a mere number. You can craft with it, you can sell it back to the game, and you can send to to each other. Trades do not affect them. When crafting, it'll be trerated as 2T or 3T depending on the boost.

As to where you can make the reports, just do it on the thread in question; no reason to not reuse it.

Thank you to everyone who assists with this. If it's all good in a week or so, I'll get Zorg to push it live. If this doesn't eliminate, or at least reduce the lag, I don't know what will.
Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, May 11th 2020
Alright, here are some of the changes made; might have missed some:

-- Market changes
---> Market Logs will show latest items first
---> Market sales in Combat Log now link to Market Logs

-- Forum Changes
---> New "Link" button in Forums that copies the link to the post (not absolute path)
---> Updates for Anonymous Threads
------> Admin can now silence people that are part of the thread
------> Only default smileys are used
------> Admin page for player list can be sorted by headers

-- WL Updates
---> WL Command box should now be saved properly
---> WL `/glance` is now case-insensitive
---> Radiation Cannon `/trigger` now appears in WF Chat for all players

-- Misc Updates
---> Fixed bug allowing PMs after max has been reached
---> Links are now stylized with a small image beside it (does not apply to image links)
---> Shrubbed players will see a list of names they can PM to appeal the Shrub
---> Inventory page now mentions shift-clicking
---> Resonating Cow Bell recipe buffed (check stickied thread on main for Crafting updates)
---> A few backend tweaks with how Gang Armories are handled
---> Double event now affects base backlog gains
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