Game Rules
Below are the rules specifically for Legacy Online based on our unique game mechanics, you must agree to these along with the Hunted Cow Terms of Use.

1.0 Mature Forum
This forum is for adults only and has a few exceptions to Hunted Cow Terms of Use.
We run a special forum called the 'Mature Forum', this is for adults only. Some of the posts in this forum may be deemed offensive and the language used may be of a more mature nature. However, we still will not tolerate illegal content, spamming or posting of pornographic content. Nor will we tolerate abuse of other players, clans or voluntary staff members. Taking part in this forum is optional.
1.1 Forum Signature
Forum signatures must be a maximum of 400 x 300 pixels in size.
Forum signatures should not exceed 400 pixels in width or 300 pixels in height, this will be judged on the signature as a whole if it contains a combination of images. Not on a per image basis.
2.0 Farming / Funding Accounts
Accounts may not exist to fund others and groups may not work together to cheat the system.
Accounts may not exist solely to fund another with any form of in-game currencies. You may not use your account to give experience to another by removing items, reviving at request or leaving gangs then rejoining. You also are not allowed to help enemy gangs gain warfare points or territory in the wasteland. All participants in such activity will be punished.
3.0 Gang Leadership
When you are put in charge of a gang you must act in that gangs best interests.
Those who participate in the leadership of our four gangs (everyone of rank 11 or higher) must always act in their gangs best interests. Any actions taken to sabotage the gang, kick members without reason or take over ruling councils for enemy gang motives will be dealt with by staff members.
3.1 Espionage and Corruption
Some exceptions to the above rule are detailed below.
Exceptions to the above rule are as follows. Having people in enemy gangs spy on them irrelevant of rank and plots to gain power in gangs for personal gain (not enemy gang motivated) will not be stopped by staff. However, both may be met with harsh response by gang leadership if discovered.
4.0 Local Trading
You may not trade with any account that connects from the same network or IP address as yourself.
If you login at a friends house or share an office / school with another player you are not permitted to trade with them. This includes but is not limited to sending them credits, platinum, items and buying / selling via the market. This is so we can make a clear distinction between players who have multiple accounts and are trying to gain an advantage and players who do not.