Game Rules
Below are the rules specifically for Legacy Online based on our unique game mechanics, you must agree to these along with the Hunted Cow Terms of Use. Everyone who creates an account on Legacy agrees to these terms of service. We reserve the right to change them at any time without notice. Any changes to this document will be posted in game login news. Any violation of these terms may result in deletion or suspension of your account.

1.0 Communications
A large part of online gaming is about communication, whether through messages, forums, or online chat. Even the information you leave in your profile is a method of communication with others. All must be pleasant. We do not allow any illegal communications including (but not limited to) material which may be deemed to be offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene, menacing, or in breach of copyright or contract, privacy, or other rights which may or may not be listed above.

1.1 Hive Forum and Chat
When using forums (including private clan forums) you must abide by all communication rules. Spamming is posting useless posts to increase your post count; any post that in a Moderator's opinion did not need to be posted will be called spam. This also applies for flooding in chat. We log the whole chat 24 hours a day. So do not flood even if you are the only person in chat.

1.2 Forum Signatures
Your forum signature cannot contain any images bigger than 400 pixels width and 300 pixels height. Multiple images are allowed but it is up to forum moderators' judgment as to what is considered too big. The rest of the communication rules still apply.

1.3 Volunteer Harassment
The Voluntary Helpers, Developers, Moderators/Guides are there to help and answer questions. If you ask any of them a question and get an answer, you either ask a different question or leave them alone. They have to help the whole of Legacy and don't have to explain what is going on. Repeated questioning or annoying of volunteers is not allowed. If there is a question about volunteer actions please seek out Lead Volunteer Helper or Legacy Affairs.

2.0 Hacking/Cheating
Almost all of the game is server-side; this makes things like trainers obsolete. However, it is still possible to cheat by using macros and other programs that play the game for you. We have ways of detecting these things. Using macros or programs to play the game for you is not allowed.

2.1 Bug Abuse
The game is in a state of constant development; every new system added will be tested to the best of our ability. However, it is a fact of life that we will miss things and bugs will get through. Any bugs you find must be reported to a member of staff and then left alone. If a bug is found and reported, you may also gain favor from the staff.

2.2 Scamming
Scams are not allowed in Legacy. This includes saying you will send players items or credits in a trade and failing to do so, fake competitions, or any method of getting credits or items using lies. However, we reserve the right to not act on scams if the person being scammed has had it happen to them more than once. Take your own precautions and use the market for trades.

3.0 Multi-Accounts
Each person playing this game gets one account each. Anyone with more than one account will get all of his/her accounts deleted. This is one of our main concerns, and our admins will constantly be watching times of logins, money transfers, item transfers, xp gains, etc. to try and catch people with more than one account. If deemed necessary, the Volunteer Helpers can request assistance from HCS to look at IP addresses as well.

3.1 Account Sharing
Legacy does not allow any form of account sharing. This means you cannot give your account and password to somebody while you are on holiday or so they can level you up while you are not online. Logging in to any account you did not create is forbidden.

3.2 Account Stealing
Account security is your concern - our account database is secure. If someone gets your password, it is your fault. Any actions on your account (even if it is stolen) that violate these terms of service will suffer the same punishments. However, anyone caught stealing or attempting to steal accounts will be banned.

3.3 Account Money Transfer
Any accounts created for the purpose of funding a main account or clan are illegal, whether made by the same person or someone else. If you give excessive amounts of your money to a main account or clan you will be treated as a multi-account.

3.4 Farming
Group efforts to gain experience, warfare points, or achievements are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to, having friends heal so you can defeat them, leaving/joining clans/gangs so you can kill then returning, or removing gear intentionally to be attacked. Both parties will be punished if this happens.

3.5 Local Trading
We allow one account per person. However if you're in the same house or using the same internet connection/proxy server there is to be no interaction between the accounts in the way of credit, platinum, or item transfer. This includes both directly, through a third party, market, or the gang armory. This means do not trade with people on your IP. This is so we can make a clear distinction between players who have multiple accounts and are trying to gain an advantage and players who do not.

3.6 Departure Gifts
If you are quitting the game, you may transfer credits/items to other accounts, so long as it does not interfere with any of the above rules. This must be the last transaction of the account and the account may never be used again.

4.0 Gang Leadership
Those who participate in the leadership of our four gangs (everyone of rank 11 or higher) must always act in their gang’s best interests. Any actions taken to sabotage the gang, kick members without reason, or take over ruling councils for enemy gang motives will be dealt with by Voluntary Helpers.

4.1 Espionage and Corruption
Exceptions to the above rule are as follows: having people in enemy gangs spy on them irrelevant of rank and plots to gain power, knowledge in gangs for personal gain. Activities such as this will not be stopped by Voluntary Helpers. However, both may be met with harsh response by gang leadership if discovered.

5.0 Anti-Legacy Behavior
We reserve the right to ban/delete accounts of anyone found to be hosting or promoting anti-Legacy behavior. By anti-Legacy we mean promoting hacking, cheating, rule manipulation, or bug abuse on our game. This also includes knowing someone is breaking the terms of service or game rules, and not reporting it to staff. If you know someone who abuses bugs to get money and don't report it, you will be treated exactly the same as them.