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Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, October 28th 2020
Wasteland now supports real-time combat.

Yeah. R e a l t i m e c o m b a t.

(Brief note: Combat is logging your guard kills. That was an oversight when I added general wl npc combat logging so I'll remove that soon.)

This update also adds a pretty insane and comprehensive WL editor I made:

It'll help devs make changes faster to the WL, try out new/crazy maps, and basically lets me be more dynamic with my occasional wl events.

This editor alone took an insane amount of work and in the process of it, I changed some pretty fundamental things about the wasteland system as part of my continuing sweeping changes (I'm up at ~50+ files changed, ~5-6k lines of code so far, with this update alone being ~2.9k) of one of our oldest, most massive, and most fundamental core systems.

What changes did I make in particular that affect you? (Clues in the editor pic)

Find out on Saturday, the 31st. I'll be resetting WL around the 30th midnight and putting us into WTF mode Saturday. We'll go into the new WL Map designed by UnicornBob soon after.

Dev News posted by Owl
Friday, October 23rd 2020
To create a path for more variance in builds and future items that will be released we want to recieve your feedback about the combat system.
The poll is anonymous and helps us to determine your view of the combat in legacy and gather input for improvments.

The first stat we want to focus on is Armor.
It has its advantages however we feel that armor doesn't have enough impact on fight results.
We want armor builds to feel more rewarding to the players who decided to prioritize it.

Thank you, every vote counts!
Game News posted by rollin340
Friday, October 23rd 2020
This is a quick one.

Steven made art for a Halloween job, so I coded it in. I'll be making it available at the next 12am tick. That is 24 Oct 2020 00:00:00. It's currently on Dev already if you want to try it out.

5,000 energy.
1,200 Credit payout.
3 potential drops.
Must be alive to do it, but there is no injury chance.

Yeah, looking at just those raw numbers, Lab is better, but getting an item would instantly make it a better option; as Event jobs do.
Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, October 22nd 2020
Some minor updates as follows:

- New account age badges that (roughly) go up to ~17 years. After the 2200 days badge, these start counting in years.

New halloween paints added to the existing paint for ~17 items (19 including the 2 extra t2 cbombs). Out of that list, only the A. Amulet and O. Amulet weren't added yet since there are some changes there and fae's working on 7 more too!

- Some minor wl fixes:

  • Update focus more immediately now within the new system.

  • Don't reload the page when you tick past 50%

  • Made the hp numbers even clearer

  • Made the hp numbers even clearer

  • (Hopefully) Fixed the weird font-size issue (not directly wl related but yeah) on tables around the game where text would show up way bigger than normal.

A couple people mentioned their wasteland grid, when in wl, stays grey on some devices. Haven't been able to reproduce the issue on similar devices but will keep making optimizations. Lmk if you have any other issues!
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Blade of Dawn
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