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Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, October 21st 2020
New wasteland system has been released! Sorry for blog spam, I'll keep it tight with some highlights:

  • Real-time Wasteland navigation with (usually) faster updates.

  • Fancy pants animation when you phase or accept a summon.

  • A red power symbol over your buildings indicating those buildings don't have power.

  • Blast with grenades using /blast g with grenades in your held items.

  • Being summoned now gives you a snazzy notification that you can use to accept or /decline!

  • Summoners can now click on the "Summons" link to see a list of their active extended summon offers.

  • Gang chat's now fixed

  • ...and something else that you'll probably see soon

Post in the WL & Raids forum thread for any issues and bugs, as well as other suggestions! For eg., I'd like to get rid of the current thin arrow buttons maybe and move us closer to raid arrow buttons..etc.

Keep it real. More to come very soon. Exciting things planned. He is coming.

"this was a monumental and exhausting update i do it for the hate mail "
"Hate mail incoming....loljk thanks for the update so far I think its great."
".and something else that you'll probably see soon .... Freddy and Jason? "
"Good job!"
"Looks cool the new changes, Well done!"
"Look at that random dot in the last line..."
"about time ! well done "
"just what i need! more distractions for work! good job Aldo!!!"
"I love it, it's awesome, thank you for your hard work and dedication."
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