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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 18th 2023
A Very Not Merry Realm is now available as a raid till January 5th, 2024.

It's the same raid as before with a little something extra. You'll know it when you see it.

Game News posted by sumwish
Tuesday, December 12th 2023
Happy Holidays! Here is your update for the rest of the Holiday season leading into the New Year.

Right now in the Main Forum we have an event for everyone. Starting tomorrow, the 13th there will be a game related Trivia question posted in Vita's thread. Everyone will have a chance to answer and all correct answers will be entered into a daily drawing for a different rare prize. (No Zach, it won't be the maul). Don't be afraid to try, since it's the Holiday season we'll be giving out a little prize to all participants daily. Also don't forget to vote in the Legacy Awards while you're there.

A Week of double gains will return this year and I managed to squeeze out some extra time by planning it from the 23rd through New Years . You'll see the count down for that appear once we're a week away.

A Very Not Merry Realm will return next week. Expect to see it around Monday. In the meantime keep hitting up the snow cones raid because an elf has let me know that there may be 2 new special awards waiting for someone to find them after defeating a powerful foe!
Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 5th 2022
The Snow Cones public event is now open. I know it's earlier than we normally do it but while we get the Advent Calendar sorted out, it should hopefully give you all something else to do.

The other holiday raid will only go live on Monday, 19th of December till Monday, 2nd of Jan. Snow Cones will also end 2nd of Jan.

PS: I know folks are experiencing issues with logging in. If you have this issue (and are reading this post from the portal), please navigate to in order to login.

PSSS: Keep an eye out in WL. Something milky comes this way.
Game News posted by Meepers
Friday, October 14th 2022
Just a quick content update. I'm working on rehauling the raid vault. The goal is to add more tangible use and value from doing raids. The current prices are quite high and the reward for the work required just doesn't add up.

A current change I've added into the game that will require some feedback will be weapon rentals using raid points. I've changed the cost and ability of the "Camo Rift Gun" from 1000rp to 50rp. And also gave it the ability Vampiric Smite - Has a chance to drain an enemy's focus. Test it out and let me know your thoughts.

The plan is to add more "rental" gear with stronger stats and more perks with the drawback of a shorter lifespan. As always the real challenge is finding the balance so nothing is overpowered. So I'll be taking in everyone's feedback and assessing before changes get finalized.
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