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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, January 13th 2017
A bunch of new little and big things are in today..
1. New Jobs:
a) Crystal Mining
b) X-Corp Research Lab

Each of these jobs pay more than the previous one and also drop some cool items. I hear OG Mining also drops something. With a fair number of dangerous jobs, I wonder if there's an item that can make things.. less dangerous?

2. 3 New Status Effects - these are higher tiers of the existing ones as some of you may have seen on dev. You get them by consuming a Large Power Cell, which you can get.. I wonder where?

3. Cow Bell (decreases training time for currently-training ability by 1 hour) sold for 160 wfps.

4. New item in Casino Shop for all you 1337 hackers out there.

5. 110 Badge and Banner

6. The Honing Combat Log messages have been abridged ever so slightly. If you still have a broken combat log history from it later on, PM me and I'll take care of it.

7. New Medic ability category. Medic Study has been unlocked for you if your level is greater than or equal to 20. Go to Information > Abilities to train it and then go ahead and buy/train the (currently sole) ability, Healing Touch, within the Medic category from the Hall of Knowledge. You can read the description of Healing Touch to learn more but it let's you heal a fellow gang member on the same square at the cost of focus (so avs only can unlock it for now - lowbies, don't worry we haven't forgotten about your potential to be medics!). Using /heal will also generate a new type of Combat Log message for the which can be toggled on/off under Template Control (last option - Incoming Targeting Ability).

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