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Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, March 19th 2018
Ok folks, a few random updates is here.
Just to be safe, feel free to do a cache refresh.
Below is a list of all the stuff done.

- Subscribed Threads won't show "Page (" when there is only 1 page
- Added a link to redirect to casino home after choosing lottery numbers
- Fixed profile links in SC History
- Added and support for links
- Updated all options pages to match the formating of the first
- Added a note in XP Transfer regarding items needing to not be equipped
- Removed the
bug that happens when quoting an edited post
- Added a search field for market stands
- Added images for Sentry Scouts/Mechs - courtesy of UnicornBob

Mods, you should hear from Wolf regarding a small change for you guys too.

If you come across any bugs or whatnot, do let me know.
Game News posted by Lynx
Thursday, February 15th 2018
Just a short blog post to expand on rollin's post below, that's me failing to notify him of the other things that's going to be fixed.

The list includes:
- G-Code button mapping fixed.
- Adding G-Code button for the spoiler tag.
- Editing a forum post will redirect back to the origin page instead of always the first.
- Fixing a bug that prevents certain people from saving their textural signatures.
- Some "under the hood" optimizations.

One of them which is already live.

If you have another small bug that needs fixing, a UI glitch, or something else out of the ordinary that just annoys the hell out of you, my inbox is open.
(Don't forget to include screenshots, or videos.)

Besides that i'm striving to include something bigger than just a bugfix, the "Mark Squares for capture" suggestion, however as it appears now, it's unlikely I'll ever manage to figure out something that works (it's harder than it seems mixing 5+ colors, without it looking funky and support colorblind.) i'll probably fallback to the "Sidechat Smilies" suggestion by UnicornBob a while ago, which also attracted a 2 ciffer positive ratings.

- Lynx
Game News posted by rollin340
Thursday, February 15th 2018
Okay, so the Forum Filter is now up, and no longer insane.
Because this exists, Forum moderation might be updated in the near future.

Right now, the list of words can only be seen by Staff.
How many of you would like this list to be made public, with possibly a suggestions function built in?

I made a Thread in the main Forums, so please discuss it there.
Feel free to air your grievances with how the filter works if you so desire as well.

Also, on a side note, if you are wondering why clicking on your item from the profile has a weird looking Crystal table, it's yet another update that requires refreshing of the cache.
It's look should now match the current Inventory page.

Lynx has also fixed the Forum shortcuts, which now also appear when you preview messages.
Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, January 31st 2018
So, let's dive right into the updates that you'd have been affected by.

Do note, that for most of these changes, you're going to have to refresh your cache.
You can see how at this page:

~~Stacked Items Fix
If you had any items in your Inventory bugged/stacked, they will be automatically resolved.
Now, you might notice that clicking on another item takes longer than normal.
That is because we have over 9 million items, and we're going to have to clean that bit up at some point.

Apologies, but for now, just bear it.

~~New GCode
There are now 3 new GCodes that you can use.

For the Forums, it's a spoiler code.
For the Library/Signature, etc, it's a hoverover code.

Look at the GCode page for the syntax and examples.

~~Warfare Permissions
Yes, Rank 14s can now use the Objectives.

~~Wasteland Held Items
If you enter the WLs, you will now see your Held Items under your Fatigue bar.

The only items that you can actually click on would be Health Items, PCells, and CBells.
Using an item from this page just reloads the page itself, so you won't see "Healed for XX".

~~Improved Market
First off, things are sorted, for Rarity, within it's own category, by Trades.
When sorted by Type, it is sorted by Level, then Trades, then XP Points/Heal Amount/Other.

When you view the items, you will now see that there are extra details where applicable.
The item Level, XP, Heal Amount, Data, etc. are now all shown.

Also, if you click on the category itself to toggle them.
So, if you don't care about Armor, just toggle it away.

Another thing this changes is that you can now change the prices of your items directly from your stand.
Just double-click on the item's price, and edit it accordingly.

Now, if you at any point encounter any bugs (misalignment, item not showing up, etc.), do drop me a PM.
I'll try to get it fixed as soon as I can.
Drone Bays
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 - Updated by Aaron

Drone Bays
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 - Updated by Aaron

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