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Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, June 19th 2018
MattG2 and Connor will be hosting an event in the chat channels july 6th, 5PM EST
Because they have yet to find a fitting name we'll call it the hours of:

"A bit of awesome hour, a bit of a Q&A devs, Aldo & Lynx will come along hour"

Staff will be messaging gang leaders and ask you to go over the practical details, if they haven't done so already.

For this purpose I will be ninja'ing (Is that even a word?) an update to the chat channels, so it can support commands.
(It's already on dev for those who want to check it out).
However most of them are staff only, but there is also the ever-so-classic /me command

And before you ask "Can I use /whisper ?"
No. not yet. I've run out of spare development time before the event date.
However I do have plans in mind to fit such a thing in.
Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, November 3rd 2015
Hey guys. Just dropping in to let you guys know what's going on with a few things.

1. The Shadress event IS over and the rewards will be sent to everyone in the near future (gonna have to prod Scott a bit to help me out with that). The reason I haven't sent banners to those who defeated her, which I will list those who did in a moment, is because the banner we have states that she was defeated in Halloween 2014. I realize that's not a big deal to most of you, but I'd like them to be semi accurate. Or just remove the date. I'll be asking Zorg about that.

Those who defeated Shadress were: Kabios23, Killy, Shysta, Teeg, Samcro, Raoh, AllLitUp20, CroFighter, HappyDays, BongHitter, and evrox. I also have an extensive list of individuals who put forth a great effort in trying to beat her. What that means (since I never explained it) is people who did a good amount of damage to her but didn't get the final hit or were beaten by her at the last few seconds and missed out. Or even those who got beaten several times but kept coming back for more punishment

2. The Halloween competitions will be judged by myself, Scott, and a couple other people I've already had volunteer. Those should be done in the near future.

3. Those who applied for VH a while back but have yet to get a response, I apologize now and will be doing my best to get Scott to actually move forward with those so you can stop waiting

Hope everyone had a safe, fun Halloween. And we will be seeing you in the near future
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, August 27th 2015
The end of the first ever Gang Warfare Championships are over. The first round was clearly stated that we would not change warfare, meaning everything would remain the same. Gangs fought valiantly, we can now reveal the points that will be counted are the gang points, the same gang points that we use to score the overall winner at the end of each round.

The results are:
First Place: Blade of Dawn with 196,060 Points,
Second Place: Outcasts with 96,540 Points,
Third Place The Chapter with 62,680 Points,
Fourth Place: Dark Flame with 32,430 Points.

Congratulations to Blade of Dawn on your victory, you will be rewarded next week for your efforts, Dark Flame you carry the shame of coming last until the next round. I must mention that I end it with shame because of TC's attempt at winning with Warfare Points, if they had read the round descriptions, it stated normal warfare.

All results and more information will be edited into the wiki within the next week, everything would be done this weekend but its Pride in Manchester so - it's gunna have to wait!
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, August 13th 2015
It is still going ahead, finalizing few details with Zorg. When we've got everything solid it will be released I've just come back from a week break - and you guys run riot Mailbox full so.. I'll be going through that now - tickets also.

Sorry if you've been waiting a week for a reply <3
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