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Real Life posted by Scott
Monday, October 21st 2013
So my netbook had an "accident" and I've been dealing with stuff-hitting-fan events only. I will resume back to normality this Friday so if I've ignored your mails - Its because I intend to contact you later this week, Emails and tickets also fall into this.

For now check out the Main forum for the hallowen VH events for this year. Have a fun week and I will see you friday!
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, August 1st 2013
Awesome hour goes live at around 7PM Server time, I am aware that this time is horrible for our UK Players but we will do another one soon, myself and Gustav (Zorg) are going to try turn up anyway!

Reminder that DEV server is live and has stuff to test for the avatars still unaware

Have a nice summer !
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, December 22nd 2012
MWHAHAHAAH! I'm back Okay so all mails have been sent for Secret Santa, a total of about 76 entered in both the lower level tier and the 40+ tier , try be imaginative with your presents and send them quickly! Don't be an idiot and give out meds either for you Scrooges out there...

The Elves in Warfare idea never actually went through so I'll look at New Year events or something.

Have a very good Christmas, - SCOTT OUT! (for 2 or 3 days)
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, December 14th 2012
We wish you a merry christmas...

From the Legacy Staff Team and on behalf of Hunted Cow Staff we wish all players a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!

I'm waiting on some GFX for one last warfare event, however some forum events are live already:

- Secret Santa (Level 40+)
- Secret Santa (Level 1-39)
- 12 Likes/Pains of Christmas

Please note the deadlines for secret santa is 21st of December, you will be mailed a name.

Have a good Christmas, I'd expect another blog to be posted after Xmas (Unless Zorg is saying something).

Oh and as the annual vote continues Legacy Yearly Votes is here, hosted by darp:
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