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Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, January 2nd 2017
In the interest of transparency, Scott has been removed from his position as Lead Voluntary Helper and will be removed from the game entirely (as per his request) in the following days.

Without going in to too much detail, items and credits were gifted to some players to the detriment of the game's economy in actions deemed not befitting of his trusted position. As such, he will be leaving the community and these items / credits will be tracked down and recalled.

While this is a poor end to his 8 years of service to the game, it will not be forgotten. Congratulations to Will in his promotion to Lead Voluntary Helper.

Furthermore, Scott asked me to extend his thanks to the community and tell you all that it was a pleasure to work for. We wish everyone the best as we part ways.
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, September 17th 2016
So in some development news (might wanna sit down for this one). Zorg has recruited two developers and myself in a bid to upgrade Legacy and get some updates thrown around. He has given us access to legacy coding and scripts and he will review all edits before pushing them live.

I will mainly hover around fixing issues the other two who will remain nameless by me will get use to the access they have for now but will be coding on projects that they feel comfortable with

I can't say much more but I'm sure Gustav will post more details soon!
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, September 14th 2016
What Zorg forgot was the RESULTS FROM THE LAST ROUND!

1: Blade of Dawn: 1,057,920
2: Dark Flame: 601,870
3: Outcasts: 586,860
4: Chapter: 311,690

Enjoy! - Apparently The chapter didn't even bother going into the wastelands!
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, August 16th 2016
Clans are a large part of the community, to make names more available and to reduce the numbers for moderating purposes we're introducing new guidance and some new rules soon. Clans that have been inactive for 3+ years will be closed.

Clans that qualify for the closure scheme will have a mass message sent and a thread created so any appeal can be lodged, in case another member can take over if the leader is inactive. Or the leader must lay out why it shouldn't be closed.

All clans are under this, only exception are staff clans and gang clans. To avoid a stress riot I can easily explain that this targets those that are completely dead, those that have a post once every 6 months are fine, those that have 1 post a year are still fine.

Aim is to reduce numbers, free up name space and hopefully make it easier for moderation purposes.
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