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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, October 31st 2014
Just some FaQ's about Shadress just so people are aware

Shadress will be entering warfare at random times, she is quite strong and will only attack if attacked, even then she may not attack and let you run the fight. If you successfully defeat her even as a group the person that defeats her will gain a Voodoo Doll.

We are aware she is strong so she will not be healed at any time so eventually she will be defeated.

She has a unique phase message so you can't miss her
Game News posted by Shadress
Saturday, October 25th 2014
You think you're so smart, you think your gangs will protect you. I'll be free completely from the chains and powers that have held me in my prison for the last decade and I will come back, bringing a shadow over your existence. I will end you and smash your disgusting hive to the ground for imprisoning me...

My shadow will be the last thing you see.....

Vile Humans.
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, August 18th 2014
Just to clarify some points Zorg has made, scripts can be tested on DEV.. I've seen a few already and they look pretty cool Your next steps are to give it to HCS to verify, and then make it public/open source.

Some things to think about... Automated scripts are not allowed. No parts of the game should be automated via scripts, even on DEV.

Also there's a vote on the Main Page, myself and Elders will be running through Halloween plans later this week!
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, November 17th 2013
So the results are in! I do apologise for them being late we have been somewhat busy So the results are located below! First of all there are new threads in the Elder Forum - if you have access go and read. It means the Elder Forum is changing... Again.

We're approaching Christmas so best get ready for some more competitions and stuff!
The Winners!

o 1st: +4 Staff Favor, , and 500 credits.
o 2nd: +3 Staff Favor, and 250 credits.
o 3rd: +2 Staff Favor and .

Below are all the flags entered if you wish to look at them!!
Past Rounds
 - Updated by Pie

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Name changes
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Dark Legion Armor
 - Updated by Pie

Details for the next Warfare round are now live in the WL & Raids Forum! - Pie
The Double Gains weekend is underway now! Make sure you get playing to make the most of it. Double Gains will end T…
Double gains starts this Friday. Enjoy double experience, energy, job payouts and more this long weekend! - Pie
Check out the Games Room for a birthday art competition. One lucky participant will win a Book of Fortune! - Pie
Take part in choosing the next Warfare map by making sure you vote! The poll is open now on the main page. - Pie