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Game News posted by Pie
Thursday, November 4th 2021
Hi everyone,

The latest warfare results are as follows:

Warfare: September - October 2021

1: Dark Flame: 2,155,215 points
2: Outcasts: 815,015 points
3: Blade of Dawn: 683,495 points
4: Chapter: 354,425 points

Congratulations to DF on their victory!

The next map is now underway, so good luck to you all.
Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, November 1st 2021
The new map is now live.

We've also enabled halloween npcs for today since we didn't have them over the weekend.

We'll disable the npcs tomorrow and disable halloween mode for the game by the end of the week (give you a few more days to flaunt your stuff).

Game News posted by Bongo
Friday, October 29th 2021
Just letting everyone know that the next WL map will be going live at 8pm server time on Monday, November 1st. The WL will be down for one hour before that.

The chosen map will be whichever map in the current poll has the most votes at the time of the WL going down.
Game News posted by Connor
Friday, October 29th 2021
Attention all ghouls and goblins!

Double gains are now ACTIVE! The event will last until Sunday at 11:59PM (Server Time). You will receive double credits from working jobs, double XP when hunting and fighting other players, and your energy will increase at double speed!

Submissions for the Halloween Costume event in the Main Forum will be closing tomorrow, so if you have not posted your costume along with a short description of what it is, please do so. Winners will be rewarded handsomely for their creativity.

Guide applications are still up in the Main Forum. If you feel that you would fit the role, please send your application over to me. I look forward to reading them all!

The vote for the next Wasteland map is still up! Check out the Main Page > Vote Status to have a look at the 4 options and make your selection.

Carved a pumpkin this year? Check out Lynx’s ‘How’s your pumpkin’ thread in Not Related and post your carvings! Some very cool stuff in there, and I’m sure people would like to see more.

Also, a very big happy Halloween to everyone from me and the rest of the staff team!
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The results for the last Warfare rotation are now live in the blog! - Pie
Nov-Dec Wasteland map vote is now live on the Main Page! - Pie
Details for the next Warfare round are now live in the WL & Raids Forum! - Pie
The Double Gains weekend is underway now! Make sure you get playing to make the most of it. Double Gains will end T…
Double gains starts this Friday. Enjoy double experience, energy, job payouts and more this long weekend! - Pie