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Game News posted by Lynx
Monday, May 27th 2024

Been a long while since I have done one of those, can barely remember how it works.

Anyway, to get to the point.
At the suggestion of Julian a while back, I will be pushing an update soon.

This update will include a new warfare command: /stance as shown below.

Use this command to switch your preffered attack style on the fly while you are out defending your gangs territory. Availability of this command obviously requires appropriate ability levels to be trained.

Available uses:
/stnace normal
/stance quick
/stance aimed
/stance cover

Due to the way attack styles are saved, using this command WILL change your game settings.
Keep this in mind when returning back to your safe quarters within the hive.

That's all folks, until next time!
Game News posted by Lynx
Friday, February 11th 2022
It'd appear that I have finally after a long struggle, been able to replicate the Elite Guard equipment bug.
(Sorry to those who had to witness my near mental breakdown about it)

It was due to WL NPC system apparently not supporting painted items.

I will be pushing a fix soon, but until then, for those gangs who have elite guards unlocked, please refrain from using painted items on your elite guards guards.

After the fix, if you equip guards with painted items, they'll be given the unpainted version of said item instead.

A side effect to this fix, is that a default item will be assigned to certain slots, if not manually equipped.
Currently that would be: Armor, Weapon 1, Misc 1, each slot equal to the correponding in the default build.

- Lynx
Game News posted by Lynx
Monday, December 6th 2021
Yo. it's blog time again.

So the very sparse (and next to non-existant) feedback I have recieved on elite guards, an update that allows gangs to equip guards with items from the armoury will be coming soon.

Please note, that the items equipped on guards, does not affect the passive damage dealt, only damage dealt during fights.

That being said, below you'll find answers to some of the questions likely to be asked.

Does material costs still apply?
Yes - These have not been changed.

Will gangs be able to use the items while they are in use?
No - Gangs will not be able to withdraw the items while they are in use by one or more elite guards.

Will the items be destroyed or consumed upon use?
No - They will be available again once the elite guards in question are no longer in the wasteland.

Will trades/forge point, or the likes be deducted?
No - Only material costs still applies.

Will gangs be able to see which guards used which weapons?
Yes - An additional column has been added to the overview.

What happens if gangs don't equip their guards?
A default build (same as the current pre-update build) will be automatically applied.

Is it required to have an equal amount of items to guaards dispatched?
No - Once and item is available in your armoury, all alite guards can use that item, however, you will need 1 item for each slot.
This means, that if you want to use 2x Scout Drones for both misc slots, you must have 2x Scout Drones available.

Have any other stats been changed?
No - The base stats remain the same.

Do you have a preview or teaser?
Yes - Click here to see

Hope this answers most of the questions you may have.
If not, please ask away in the comments, or make a thread in the help forum.

Kind Regards
- Lynx
Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, October 5th 2021
So, a recent, however small update I did, was pushed to the live server a little prematurely. I have now been around to test it,, and as far as I can tell, it didn't break anything this time.

So what actually changed?
An additional notification icon has been added to the main menu, alerting you if your messages inbox is full, you must first enable it under: Game Settings > Notifications Selection > Messages Inbox Full

That's all.
Have a nice week everyone.

- Lynx
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