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Game News posted by Will
Wednesday, June 19th 2019
Since this change was requested by me, I'll do the announcement for it.

Some time in the near future, the entire Favor system is going to be different than what you are familiar with. Favors and disfavors both are going to be updated so that they are either more rewarding or more harsh.

Favors will be as such:
Favor Level : +1
o Aura around character
o Daily tokens +25

Favor Level : +2
o Favor level +1 benefits
o Half Job time when working

Favor Level : +3
o Favor level +2 benefits
o +10% EXP from combat
o +2 Ability Points per hour
o +1 Daily quest assigned

Favor Level : +4
o Favor level +3 benefits
o +1 Daily quest assigned
o +1 Item EXP per hit/tick

Nothing overpowering, but more rewarding than the normal.

Disfavors, however, are getting totally reworked to not be pleasant by any stretch.

Favor Level : -1
o Character appearance is a frog

Favor Level : -2
o Character appearance is a frog
o Cannot post in Forums
o Cannot rate Threads in Forums
o Cannot react to Posts in Forums
o Cannot use Sidechat

Favor Level : -3
o Disfavor -2 hindrances
o -10% EXP from combat
o Ability training freeze
o Honing Freeze (you will no longer receive item experience from the honing ability)
o +1 Expo per tick for Wastelands (meaning instead of 1 expo per tick, you now get 2)

Favor Level : -4
o Disfavor -3 hindrances
o +2 Expo per tick for Wastelands (replaces the previous +1 expo per tick (meaning instead of 1 expo per tick, you now get 3)
o Item EXP gain frozen (your items will not gain any item experience via any method)

This does mean that I will most likely be sitting down to alter the guidelines by how we operate since disfavors are far more harsh than what they normally would be.

Have a nice day
Game News posted by Lynx
Thursday, June 13th 2019
I dun goofed my previous blog post. Sorry about that

Totally forgot to mention that the update also introduces 2 new quests.
1 exclusively for lowbies, and one that can be done by both parties.

Hiding in plain sight
As my mother used to say: don't fight hard, fight smart. Time learn kid, hide yourself in the wasteland for 10 minutes straight.

Reward: Power Cell

Kill 10 hive policemen
Some damned fool snitched me and my merry little hidey-hole out, and now the hive police are out here looking for me, so do me a solid and kill them.

Reward: Crossbow

As always I'm open to suggestions if these rewards does not fit the effort required.

Over and out.

- Lynx
Game News posted by Lynx
Thursday, June 13th 2019
Been a while since we've had an update related blog post, right?

I originally intended to have the voting system revamped by now, but to do so, requires effort from Zorg, which is apparently incredibly busy with HCS latest game.
So until then, I'll keep working on Diego's and other QoL updates.

Below you can find the changelog for recent changes, and what's to come.

The following is already live:
1. Disabled the "Assist in construct buildings" and "Do wasteland blasts" quests.

2. Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent people from claiming rewards from the "craft poison" quest

The following is to come:
1. Players will no longer reroll a quest that has previously been rerolled the same day

2. Once you've completed a certain amount of quests, Diego will bless you with his good will, and allow you to select quest preferences
Grants a small percentage increase/decrease when quests are rerolling.

3. A few staff tools that hopefully will make my life easier when debugging your bugged quests in the future.
The poison quest was harder to debug than it should've been

4. Additional rewards for completing all 5 quests each day.
Currently planning on granting experience rewards that scales with your level as the reward.
I'm unsure if I will be able to get this one developed in time, if not, I'll save it for later

I will attempt to have this update coded by end of this month, so you can expect it to be pushed at any time after that.

- Lynx
Game News posted by Will
Saturday, May 11th 2019
So as I am sure most have noticed, double gains is not happening this weekend. Namely because of the poll and someone pointing out that this weekend is Mother's Day. Just in case you might have forgotten.

That being said, round 2 of Double Gains will take place next weekend. With 1 minor difference: an extra day. It will begin approximately 1558054800 Unix time. Otherwise known as 05/17/2019 @ 1:00am (UTC). And it will end at exactly 1558328340 Unix time. Or 05/20/2019 @ 4:59am (UTC).

I have also compiled a more detailed list of what is actually doubled and what is not, to try and alleviate a little confusion.

-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)
-Double boon xp

Does not:
-Double Crafting Experience
-Double transferred Experience
-Double Job Experience
-Stack with buffs (for things like 4x job payout)
-Double hunting points
-Double gang rep gains/loss
-Double Drone xp
-Double raid xp
-Double Casino payout
-Double Drop rate
-Double Focus gain
-Double HP heal at hospital
-Double default token gain
-Double Page load times
-Double rewards from daily quests
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