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Game News posted by Meepers
Wednesday, July 13th 2022
Boons are currently undergoing rebalancing so they reward active players in a more meaningful way to fulfill their initial design and intention. The current rate at which players gather boons is simply too low. Thereby gaining any tangible use from boons can be considered uncommon at best. Therefore I have decreased the amount of Boon XP required to be awarded a single boon. Nothing else has been changed. The costs in the Boon ship are still untouched. What actions players can do to get Boon XP is untouched. And how much XP a player gets for different forms of activity also remain untouched.

I have recorded the baselines of everyone's current boons and will be monitoring the rate at which players are now acquiring boons over the course of the next few weeks. Based on feedback and observation a course correction will be done if players are gaining more boons (or less) than expected; however, the changes can be considered finalized if it's deemed satisfactory.

Game News posted by Bongo
Wednesday, May 8th 2019
Some ninja fixes and changes went live today with the anniversary update. I'll list them out:


1) Added "System Restore" item to Boon Ship for 20 Boons. It lets you reset your drone's learned A.I. skills and get refunded the points invested.

2) Changed the Wasteland Shop Objective to use the new shops format, so that staff and devs can edit the items sold in it. Removed the upgrades that were there previously and replaced them with the basic WFP shop items (Blue Pill, Focus Refill...) with a 10% discount. Power Cells sold cheaper with a weekly purchase limit.


1) All profile tabs now have the Drone Bays button on the bottom.

2) The Age field in when viewing detailed drone info is now correct with the total number of days old.

3) When a drone levels, the link is now "Spend A.I. Points" instead of "Spend Stat Points"

4) When collecting drone items, the "Repeat Job" button now lists your drone's condition.
Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, February 1st 2017
Brief announcement regarding boons and how they're awarded. It has come to my attention that a certain gang started a spam thread in their new players forum with the intention of generating post spam for boons. While the specific forum that they created this thread in actually had zero effect on gaining boons (lol), after some discussion with Zorg I have decided to remove forum posts and certain other forum-related things from being factored into you getting your next boon.

Also happy Wednesday - hope you get through the middle of this week. Have my first midterm today/tomorrow (if I ever sleep) and it's a fun one to start with.

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