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Game News posted by Meepers
Monday, May 13th 2024
Hope everyone enjoyed the Double Gains and Anniversary festivities.

I just wanted to share some fun stats with everyone as well as some teasers.

Let's start off with the numbers first. Below are some totals calculated during the last double gains. The credits were accounted for as a fair approximation and not including any boon buffs used to decrease hunting costs. The credit total also does not account for any hospital heals or items expended during the hunts.

Hunting Stats:

Crystal Entities Defeated: 43,478

Hive Gatekeepers Defeated: 4,228

X-Corp Markswomen Defeated: 3,107

Total NPC Defeated: 55,403

Total NPC Drops: 23,457

Total Credits Spent: Over ~ 2,000,000c

Below are some crafting stats for everyone.

Crafting Stats:

Hunting Passes: 147

Crystal Maul: 2

I just found these stats interesting and wanted to share them with everyone. Do with it what you will.

And finally I'll leave you guys with these images.

Update Teasers:

Game News posted by sumwish
Saturday, May 4th 2024
Happy Anniversary!

Double Gains has already started and will be around for the rest of the week. Sign ups for some forum games will start tomorrow, so make sure you get in asap so that we can get things started sooner for a change to get some free money and items!

New for everyone, you'll find a new option in the blueprint shop. If you've paid attention in the Main Forum recently, our dev team have been making it easier to get hunting passes with a new recipe. Go buy one for yourself as you take advantage of the double gains exp and hunt some entities!

Some not-so-great news..... Due to things out of our current control, we will not have a gift box available for anniversary this year. We'll let you know if things change later and how everyone can get their banners.

Enjoy the week of Double Gains, and make sure you and your friends sign up for the games tomorrow. The more participation we have, the better events we can run in the future!


I've started a thread in the Main Forum. Please post there so that I can have a list of players who need a banner and can manually award it in the event that a new gift box isn't possible. Please only post once in the thread, thank you!
Game News posted by sumwish
Thursday, May 2nd 2024
As I'm writing, Warfare will be going offline temporarily to calculate scores. In the meantime, wtf mode will be around until the map change this weekend. Warfare will go offline again 15 min before midnight tick on SATURDAY NIGHT. The new map should be up and going as Legacy's Birthday hits at the midnight tick.

The map will be the Desert Map. I will not be rolling for HQ positions until map change, so you'll have to tune in to see where you guys land. Some have requested a change to the map Objective. Instead of the ERS I will substitute for a different objective that'll be more of a benefit given the limitation. If you appose this change because the player base voted for the ERS format, then please forward all concerns to Matt

As we get into Anniversary week, keep an eye out for Forum games and other bonuses this year. If things are successful then you can look forward to similar bonuses in the future for events

And Here are the round results:

1. Outcasts: 1,567,560 points
2. Dark Flame:1,142,860 points
3. Blade of Dawn: 748,640 points
4. Chapter: 669,270 points

Congratulations OC!
Game News posted by sumwish
Tuesday, April 9th 2024
It's already the 4th month of the year! New WL round and Legacy's 19th Birthday are just around the corner in May.

Voting is live for the next WL map. Details about map change will be out closer to the time.

What's also soon to be live is the Double Gains timer. Make sure to save up and expect to see an event or two to get some free things!
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