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Game News posted by Will
Saturday, May 11th 2019
So as I am sure most have noticed, double gains is not happening this weekend. Namely because of the poll and someone pointing out that this weekend is Mother's Day. Just in case you might have forgotten.

That being said, round 2 of Double Gains will take place next weekend. With 1 minor difference: an extra day. It will begin approximately 1558054800 Unix time. Otherwise known as 05/17/2019 @ 1:00am (UTC). And it will end at exactly 1558328340 Unix time. Or 05/20/2019 @ 4:59am (UTC).

I have also compiled a more detailed list of what is actually doubled and what is not, to try and alleviate a little confusion.

-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)
-Double boon xp

Does not:
-Double Crafting Experience
-Double transferred Experience
-Double Job Experience
-Stack with buffs (for things like 4x job payout)
-Double hunting points
-Double gang rep gains/loss
-Double Drone xp
-Double raid xp
-Double Casino payout
-Double Drop rate
-Double Focus gain
-Double HP heal at hospital
-Double default token gain
-Double Page load times
-Double rewards from daily quests
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, May 9th 2012
Thank you to everyone who helped this week with the celebrations!

The image Bikari made can be found here: Click!

The Results for the Double EXP competition held are as follows:

Avatarfire4smile: +4.5 Staff Favor, 600c +
Lowbie!Falcon: +4.5 Staff Favor, 600c +

Thank you again to everyone who helped and who participated in the events held!
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, May 5th 2012
That time of year again, free cake... different hat etc.. But with one little twist we havn't done for a while...

Double EXP ! From Sunday 12pm EST - Wednesday 12pm EST all exp gained will double, save your credits and your health packs and aim for top 10!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around with us through different and sometimes difficult times, your continued support is amazing.
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