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Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, January 1st 2019
The event raid will soon be leaving us come next Monday tick just as Zach announced in the podcast (right before the tick so no weekly reward =]).

This weekend will be the last weekend it'll be up. I would've ideally taken it down today/right after new year's but considering this is the first raid we've had + the final bonus trinket for some of the higher completion players, I thought I'd be a bit generous there

This will certainly return next Christmas. I'm also looking at the idea of having atleast 1 weekend a month be an event raid weekend where we pick one random event raid (hoping that we have more as the year goes on). It'll either be an event weekend or just one day dedicated to event raids and one day dedicated to challenge raids (the latter might be more of a weekly rotation).

That's all for now.

Happy new year to you and all your loved ones!

Welcome to 2019, hope you like it

Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, December 31st 2018
The warfare switch will happen the morning of January 2nd this year, so only a day late. Have a happy new year!
Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, December 27th 2018
First medium patch for raids has been deployed. Update notes list the same but for the lazy:

1. Added side chat into raids.
2. Record personal best time achieved in a raid at millisecond granularity.
3. Restricts raid entry to full health only.
4. Item XP is now a reward that must be claimed at the end of a successful raid.
5. Potentially fixed bouncy movement glitching.
6. Quitting a raid without finishing it now gives a 5 minute cooldown.
7.Subsequent quits lead to 10 and 15 minute cooldowns (15 being the max).
It resets every hour.

Additionally, rollin got some stuff in too with this update:

1. Added a quick heal link to the raids page so you can heal without having to leave or reload the page and then start the raid.

2. Fixed the issue with recipes not rewarding crafting xp to level 9+. I believe rollin's removed the cap entirely so you'll keep earning xp from recipes beyond the cap.

3. Fixed the rare revives' small images' text colors.

4. Escape key now closes the popup window.
Game News posted by rollin340
Tuesday, December 25th 2018
Okay, there is an existing bug where Rare/Epic/Godlike Blueprints are not rewarding XP to those with Crafting level 9.

If you have any and are at level 9, hold off until it is fixed.
If you have used any when at Level 9, drop me a PM.
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