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Game News posted by Meepers
Friday, December 16th 2022
PSA: It has come to our attention that there may be an issue with the Festive Book. The double Pay and double Energy feature are currently not functioning as intended. We are actively working to resolve this issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have already used the Festive Book and experienced this issue, please contact rollin340 so that we can provide you with a replacement book as compensation. If you have not yet used the Festive Book, we recommend holding off until the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Game News posted by Meepers
Wednesday, September 28th 2022
As many of you may have noticed the other day, Armor and Weapon honing wasn't working for 24 hours. That issue has now been resolved, shout out to rollin340 for the fix.

To compensate for the loss in Honing for players I'll be granting double honing for 48 hours starting 12pm Server today till 12pm Server Friday. I believe this is ample compensation. If you see any further issues please report them to me or create a ticket so someone can investigate further.

Side note: I'd also like to mention that dual-wielding gang weapons is considered bug abuse and serious consequences will follow for those that continue to misuse this. Consider this a final warning. If you come across a player dual-wielding gang weapons please report them immediately.
Game News posted by rollin340
Saturday, September 17th 2022
So, there is a bug where if you get a drop from a Hunt whilst having a fill inventory, you'll get an error, and the item goes into the abyss, lost forever. Unfortunately, I don't think those items are currently logged, so we can't even return them to you who might have encountered this.

There is a fix up, but it'll only go live on Monday, 19 Sep 2022.

tldr; Till 19 Sep 2022, make sure your inventory isn't full when you Hunt.

Dev News posted by Aldo
Saturday, June 4th 2022
We are aware of the issue that's affecting various gang-related actions (such as favoring or joining/leaving..etc), specifically evident when you see an error regarding a log not being writeable.

Please bear with us until then!

This should ideally be fixed latest by Tuesday, if not Monday.

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