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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 24th 2018
Brief update after a day of raiding concerning bugs..etc. A few people reported the following bugs after raids went live, some of which have been fixed by now:

1. Occasional attack error leading to accidentally killing an npc twice and leading to double drops. This has been fixed - I closed the system last night and then put it back up once the fix was up (a few mins later since Zorg was around ). Those who received double drops mostly only got Large Power Cells, most of which have been returned to me. I'll be in touch with some of the others.

2. Trinkets not showing up correctly on profiles - this has been fixed. To learn more about them, check out the raids thread in main forum.

3. Item XP received for killing NPCs in raids - this has NOT been fixed yet. This was not really intentional since energy for killing npcs was removed right at the end.

Regarding the item xp, I appreciate the reports coming in. I haven't really seen anyone trying to abuse this save for a couple of people who I'm assuming were curious about it. Seems like most other people are just playing the raid normally - don't really appreciate people advertising their attempts with this bug though.

I have logs I can sift through to roughly identify who's trying to abuse the raid considering there are no cooldown penalties for ending the raid early right now before they complete their 30 minute tick. I'm not sure I need to close the system yet, most probably yes as no matter how many people play by the rules, there'll always be the silent exploiters I don't really see anyone else trying to abuse it but the fix for this will most likely get in Thursday so I'll make a call tonight on whether raids will go down until thursday.

As for stuff that's coming around thursday as well - minor improvements like bringing in SC, healing and starting a raid at the same time if you need a revive on the raids list page (Thanks rollin), and some other cleanups/fixes..etc.

"Merry Raidsmas"
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