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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, December 25th 2015
MM is complete, I think I need like 2 images that Steven will do somewhat MM Will be launched any time after Xmas! I'm emailing everything over because I'm escaping to USA for 10 days or so so if you live in NY/Vegas/LA you have the small chance of bumping into me

Merry Christmas peeps!
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, February 1st 2015
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (+1 if you get the reference). We're still going through staff apps with interviews starting today, still have a lot of tickets to go through so if you havent had a reply to your app yet do not worry.. you will soon.

We've also accepted that we have somewhat been a bad parent to our facebook page. We're relaunching efforts today to boost its activity and I'll be speaking to Zorg about a budget so we can boost advertising for it. I have also given Steven and Will powers to post as the page and make minor changes to it.

A lot of advertising will be done through the page and we will soon be doing FB offers that will be unique.

That is it for today's news... ciao!
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, December 9th 2013
Just a reminder for you to get involved with xmas stuff You could get a lot of cool stuff! Elders are also voting on a topic I will be publishing soon if it gets the go ahead. For know however I have teamed up with Steven to bring you a blog version of this

4259 - 6734 - 6514 - 4231 - 6832 - 6280 - 1180 - 1307 - 3468 - 6484 - 4094 - 3877 - 2896 - 3370 - 1337 - 8843

Have fun
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, November 29th 2013

I was going to post this tomorrow, but I guess a day earlier cannot hurt. Christmas is hitting Legacy soon! Below you will find all events that will be ran throughout December, there will be a lot of prizes given away and some player run events to join in with. The threads for the Event will not be posted until the first of December! So don’t worry if you don’t see anything I have been planning some of these with my team and the newly re-launched Elder Forum and they’ve been a great help!

- Xmas Tree Photo Competition
When you’re decorating your tree – put some time aside to decorate it “Legacy Style” what that means is up to you. Entries will be judged by some Elders and Scott + Hunted Cow Studio Staff. Big prizes shall be thrown at the winners.

- Holliday Cease Fire
As brought up by some Elders, this season is quite a hard time for gangs to be active, obviously. For that reason I will be switching warfare offline between Midday on the 24th until midday on the 26th, equalling to 2 days of no warfare.

- Hide and Seek – Steven Style
Steven will be throwing some prizes away throughout December in random areas of the game, they may be on an image – or edited into the game! You will need to open your eyes and go into places you may of forgot. Codes will be replaced and moved when found, so don’t get grumpy if you keep hitting used codes!

- Huge Giveaway!
As well as these competitions and other events that will pop up all with huge prizes , Steven is running his annual Xmas Give away… You will need to go to the Main Forum to sign up in December – It could be you!

- Xmas/New Year WW!
Will, Will be running the Official werewolf game in the Games Forum – Signups will open soon in that forum so keep your eyes open! This event however will be launched near the end of December due to limitations.

- Secret Santa!
The Official Secret Santa will be open as per last years success. Signups will be open soon! Please make sure you’re an active player to sign up, we don’t want santas to suddenly die… IT really messes up Christmas.

- Calender Returns like NO OTHER!
So we have revamped the calendar, you will find some usuals however we have added some surprises so make sure you collect each day!

Some surprise events may pop up, but this is the list that will be happening! Please note this is our holiday season also so some results will be posted AFTER new year. The Calendar might be a bit late this year as HCS are all tied up with Eldevin but it IS COMING you might have a day or so delay.
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