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Game News posted by sumwish
Monday, July 1st 2024
New Map is up. Should be done in record time!

Here are the last round's results:

1. Dark Flame:1,062,785 points
2. Blade of Dawn: 814,560 points
3. Outcasts: 772,940 points
4. Chapter: 383,825 points

Congratulations DF!
Game News posted by sumwish
Wednesday, June 26th 2024
Map votes are pretty overwhelming right now so I'm releasing HQ starting spots so that gangs have some time to plan since there's 5 objectives in the winning map.

01:49 sumwish: Starting Positions: 5,5 / 5,11 / 11,5 / 11,11
01:49 sumwish: DF = 1 TC = 2 BoD = 3 OC = 4
01:49 sumwish: !roll 1 d4
01:49 System: Result: 4
01:49 sumwish: !roll 1 d4
01:49 System: Result: 2
01:49 sumwish: !roll 1 d4
01:49 System: Result: 2
01:49 sumwish: !roll 1 d4
01:49 System: Result: 1
01:50 sumwish: OC 5,5 TC 5,11 DF 11,5 BoD 11,11

Have Fun! I'll try and get the WL switched over Sunday night going into the 1st.
Game News posted by Lynx
Monday, May 27th 2024

Been a long while since I have done one of those, can barely remember how it works.

Anyway, to get to the point.
At the suggestion of Julian a while back, I will be pushing an update soon.

This update will include a new warfare command: /stance as shown below.

Use this command to switch your preffered attack style on the fly while you are out defending your gangs territory. Availability of this command obviously requires appropriate ability levels to be trained.

Available uses:
/stnace normal
/stance quick
/stance aimed
/stance cover

Due to the way attack styles are saved, using this command WILL change your game settings.
Keep this in mind when returning back to your safe quarters within the hive.

That's all folks, until next time!
Game News posted by Meepers
Monday, May 13th 2024
Hope everyone enjoyed the Double Gains and Anniversary festivities.

I just wanted to share some fun stats with everyone as well as some teasers.

Let's start off with the numbers first. Below are some totals calculated during the last double gains. The credits were accounted for as a fair approximation and not including any boon buffs used to decrease hunting costs. The credit total also does not account for any hospital heals or items expended during the hunts.

Hunting Stats:

Crystal Entities Defeated: 43,478

Hive Gatekeepers Defeated: 4,228

X-Corp Markswomen Defeated: 3,107

Total NPC Defeated: 55,403

Total NPC Drops: 23,457

Total Credits Spent: Over ~ 2,000,000c

Below are some crafting stats for everyone.

Crafting Stats:

Hunting Passes: 147

Crystal Maul: 2

I just found these stats interesting and wanted to share them with everyone. Do with it what you will.

And finally I'll leave you guys with these images.

Update Teasers:

HOF Top 10's
 - Updated by Charlie

Wasteland Cycle 2024
 - Updated by Charlie

HOF Top 10's
 - Updated by Charlie

Blueprint Merchant
 - Updated by Charlie