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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, February 1st 2015
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (+1 if you get the reference). We're still going through staff apps with interviews starting today, still have a lot of tickets to go through so if you havent had a reply to your app yet do not worry.. you will soon.

We've also accepted that we have somewhat been a bad parent to our facebook page. We're relaunching efforts today to boost its activity and I'll be speaking to Zorg about a budget so we can boost advertising for it. I have also given Steven and Will powers to post as the page and make minor changes to it.

A lot of advertising will be done through the page and we will soon be doing FB offers that will be unique.

That is it for today's news... ciao!
"Bite my shiny metal ..."
"i miss that show "
"Professor! "
"Pizza delivery for uh... I.C. Wiener? .. But seriously Scott English only please. "
"Thank God, I think the last post from FB is years old. Glad you're rejuvenating it!"
"A lot of my forum posts will be moving to Facebook, so be sure to check it out for the latest on things!"
"Might want to tackle the task of removing the Holliday theme first. Happy Feburary !"
"Just an idea: it might be worthwhile to post here as well as on FB, as many people do not use FB or Twit."
"ALL news about the game, regarding updates, promotions, holiday junk, - anything, should go here as well as linked to both social media platforms. Get with the times. =] "
"You should be using twitter as well, even if it's just tweeting the facebook updates. Add relevant hashtags to try and expose people to the game."
"we have a fb page? since when?"
"professor was the best"
"Thumbs up"
"Oh Futurama, how I miss that show lol "
"fuck all that. why does it take 10 years to level a weapon 1lvl"
"i got the reference i love that show"
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