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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, January 4th 2014
There is a new vote up, please DO NOT VOTE EASILY. My plan if approved for the next map will completely be a one-off and would change warfare for those 3 months. I will be designing it with elders and Staff to create an environment never seen on Legacy.

The current ideas are:
- changeable Zones that would either promote or poison players,
- NPCs that would target the gang with the most squares
- Random Environmental Changes,
- Wild NPCS,
- 1x NPC per 1 Avatar.

These are just ideas, nothing is set in stone - I want the players to decide if you want this one off "nightmare" it would force gangs to completely change tactics every so often and it wouldn't be the usual case of get the most squares.

Again, these are just ideas - you're voting for a new one-off WL map that would be entirely different.
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, November 29th 2013

I was going to post this tomorrow, but I guess a day earlier cannot hurt. Christmas is hitting Legacy soon! Below you will find all events that will be ran throughout December, there will be a lot of prizes given away and some player run events to join in with. The threads for the Event will not be posted until the first of December! So don’t worry if you don’t see anything I have been planning some of these with my team and the newly re-launched Elder Forum and they’ve been a great help!

- Xmas Tree Photo Competition
When you’re decorating your tree – put some time aside to decorate it “Legacy Style” what that means is up to you. Entries will be judged by some Elders and Scott + Hunted Cow Studio Staff. Big prizes shall be thrown at the winners.

- Holliday Cease Fire
As brought up by some Elders, this season is quite a hard time for gangs to be active, obviously. For that reason I will be switching warfare offline between Midday on the 24th until midday on the 26th, equalling to 2 days of no warfare.

- Hide and Seek – Steven Style
Steven will be throwing some prizes away throughout December in random areas of the game, they may be on an image – or edited into the game! You will need to open your eyes and go into places you may of forgot. Codes will be replaced and moved when found, so don’t get grumpy if you keep hitting used codes!

- Huge Giveaway!
As well as these competitions and other events that will pop up all with huge prizes , Steven is running his annual Xmas Give away… You will need to go to the Main Forum to sign up in December – It could be you!

- Xmas/New Year WW!
Will, Will be running the Official werewolf game in the Games Forum – Signups will open soon in that forum so keep your eyes open! This event however will be launched near the end of December due to limitations.

- Secret Santa!
The Official Secret Santa will be open as per last years success. Signups will be open soon! Please make sure you’re an active player to sign up, we don’t want santas to suddenly die… IT really messes up Christmas.

- Calender Returns like NO OTHER!
So we have revamped the calendar, you will find some usuals however we have added some surprises so make sure you collect each day!

Some surprise events may pop up, but this is the list that will be happening! Please note this is our holiday season also so some results will be posted AFTER new year. The Calendar might be a bit late this year as HCS are all tied up with Eldevin but it IS COMING you might have a day or so delay.
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 20th 2013
The new age of Elders is here. The elder forum has been reformed into a new group and will now serve as a voice in Legacy decisions. It will be lead by Myself and others, the forum has been wiped and new threads have been posted. Membership has reverted back - to gain entry into this forum you must be suggested by an elder and they must by a majority vote you in. Elders should be a symbol of respect amongst the community, they have been warned that trolling and/or player abuse will find them removed. I will stick to this decision.

On another note, Christmas Holidays are here soon oooo.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, November 14th 2010
Thank you to everyone who turned up last night, it was the best one we have hosted. Below you will see the points by all gangs and two at the bottom that Zorg raised. If you want to read the log from the event :
>> Click Here <<

Points Raised:
- Outcasts Point: More WL Maps:
The problem with Maps is they take so much time to draw up and to code. It would take a few months just to add a few into the cycle. Zorg stated that he will look at this later when there is more time.

- Outcasts Point: Spectral Items:
Spectral Items have now been REMOVED, the banners are staying however, but don't panic! Spectrals will return over holiday seasons so you still have a chance to get the banners!

- Outcasts Point: New Weapons:
It was suggested that new weapons be made that use focus. Zorg wants the discussion moved to suggestions forum.

- Blade of Dawn Point: Subscription Banners:
Not Recorded, and would be highly unfair to anyone who has bought sub in the past. It would
mean that they would have to re-buy just to get banners.

- Blade of Dawn Point: New Abilities:
It was raised about abilities and that people wanted more, Scott will look into more abilities and put
forward a few to Zorg.

- Dark Flame Point: More Maps:
Dark Flame also raised that they wanted more maps, again we will consult players when the time comes either by
a suggestions thread or a competition.

- Dark Flame Point: Shadowing Tweaks:
Shadowing was raised and possible tweaks. Tibos has posted a thread in the Suggestions Forum. Dependant on the feedback we will look at making the changes or leaving it how it is.

- Dark Flame Point: Post Limit:
It was suggested for an increase so it has been to 3000 instead. However mails will need looking at due
to space reasons.

- Dark Flame Point: Forum Titles:
Again raised about forum titles being too small, so we have increased it.#

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Hopping:
Dark Flame raised a point about people swapping gangs just to be on the winning team or to glory hunt.
Myself and Zorg see barely any way to combat this issue without it having a major effect on sign ups and players rage quitting gangs. Scott has referred the issue to the Chamber of Elders to discuss and hopefully come to a solution.

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Guards:
It was questioned about the Guards strength and effectiveness. We will release more information when we ourselves
know how the guards will be.

- Dark Flame Point: Rank 14 Tweaks:
It was raised (and has always) about Rank 14 not being able to do job effectively. We have now removed the rank 13 access and granted it to the rank 14 role.

- The Chapter Point: Stat Price Change:
It was said that prices to change stats are too expensive. We however see it as a good credit sink for
the economy. We will look at reducing the price for lower levels at a later date however.

- The Chapter Point: Rank 10/18 Clothing Items:
Players would like more gang clothing, bcfcespley and DMaster will start asking Gang Leaders
for what they would like.

Clothing Point:
Zorg raised an issue to gangs about buying clothing items. The problem is we don't want Holiday Clothing to go dull
over people wearing it all year round, so we have decided to keep it's exclusiveness. Also, there might be a new currency to buy
set clothing items. More about this will be posted by Zorg at a later date.

LA Point:
It was highlighted about Legacy Affairs not working how it should, as of this 2 Members have been removed as players asked. Thank you to Lucas and Skorne for all your work. Elders are currently deciding on 1 new elder and 2 new LA members. Congratulations to CodeHydro for being promoted to Elder Status.
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