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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, January 23rd 2016
Soooooo its near Feb... and no MM - RECORD! But on a serious note just need a few images and I'll let it go live I finished it then hopped on a plane so my foolishness was thinking Vegas had working Wifi

So I am officially back! A Month vaycay So if you have outstanding issues mail me and I'll be going through tickets and Elder stuff later

Hope you all had an amazing New year and Xmas
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, December 25th 2015
MM is complete, I think I need like 2 images that Steven will do somewhat MM Will be launched any time after Xmas! I'm emailing everything over because I'm escaping to USA for 10 days or so so if you live in NY/Vegas/LA you have the small chance of bumping into me

Merry Christmas peeps!
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