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Dev News posted by Bongo
Wednesday, December 6th 2017
Hello everyone, here are the in depth patch notes for the latest update.

Bug Fixes:
1) Clicking character menu in wasteland goes to Info -> Character now.
2) Radioactive Efficiency III now properly gives 4x wfps bonus instead of the 2x bonus it was giving previously.
3) Fixed a bug where players who didn't have the Assassin ability learned would have a 5% steeper hunting cost than intended.
4) Fixed a bug where players who didn't have the Bonus Points ability learned would earn 10% more hunting points than intended.
5) Added correct hunting point rewards to special NPCs on their information pages, taking into account the Bonus Points ability modifier.
6) Hid the Shadow Facility power bar (not really a bug but it was kind of annoying to look at)

1) New button at Shadow Facility -> Transfer page labelled "Calculate Excess" that automatically calculates the amount of excess item xp you can transfer without going down to the previous item level.
2) Christmas Themed job in Job Center. Try it out for a hefty payout and extra item drops.
3) Boon Ship grand opening, found in Sector 2. The sector links and overlay have been adjusted to make room. The shop sells a few items and buffs for now, but can be easily expanded upon in the future using a staff/dev-only editor I created.
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, December 26th 2013
Warfare is now back online, sorry it was a bit late coming back up - had everything ready then I had family visit Sorry!

The reset details will be published within a few days, it will be the snow map and positions will be posted soon with what objectives.

Have a nice day!
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, December 24th 2013
Reminder that warfare will be offline at 12pm today until 12pm on Thursday. Scores will not be affected. For those that are complaining - it is two days and Legacy will be somewhat empty so you're not missing much - use the time to plan for when warfare comes back online if you need to.

Secret Santa - get sending your gifts now, some awesome ones have been sent! If you receive something post it in the thread Thank you for all taking part. Legacy Yearly Votes is coming back, darp is somewhat busy so b14warrior will be posting the thread in the next few days.

I'm going to go deal with all the Legacy tickets now, and I will also be updating the known bugs list with information. A reminder that staff activity will be little to none for the next few days so mails and tickets may have a late reply. If you need urgent staff attention - say if the game breaks, not if someone avoids a filter, you can get me directly by my Legacy email. Myself and Zorg will be "on call" sort've if anything breaks, although nothing should... at all.


Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, December 15th 2013
Hello Legacy! I bring good and bad news - Strange I know but I will get the good stuff out the way first.

- Guilt's Character Design Contest
It doesn't matter if you're awful at art open paint and do some drawing, read the thread for more details This contest has now been extended to Saturday 21st December!

- Secret SANTA
4 days left to enter, you will all get paired and mailed on the 20th!

- Steven's Codes
There are some remaining, try looking in odd areas and those that have fallen

- Cease Fire
Remember Warfare is being switched off Midday on the 24th until midday on the 26th, equalling to 2 days of no warfare.

- Steven's Giveaway
Enter via the Main Forum asap, the thread speaks for itself and you'd be stupid not to try grab everything!

Now onto the fun part that will create a stir on Legacy, before I continue I will give you the history that is relevant. Loans on Legacy have always been an taboo and impossible to deal with from a staff side, now that accounts a permanent they are now at a breaking point. I have looked at a lot of ways to do this and I have only one way. In the past the Security Forum was used, there was a thread listing scammers and we have even resorted to shrubbing players. This new method will replace any current staff guidelines and has just been approved by The Chamber of Elders and HCS.

This message goes to any person getting a loan and those giving out loans freely expecting us to clear your mess up and to those that create a public nuisance when we refuse to act. You are all from the 1st January 2014 liable to fines that will be paid. Do not fear I shall explain.

The Guidelines will be clear, all loans that go exhausted* will only be applicable and this method will be used as a LAST resort if the future of the loan can not be guaranteed, we will as staff will now from the date given be recovering costs from the account - item wise. We will always aim to take enough to cover it. If we get surplus, it will be treated as a fine. We will then charge 20% of the loan amount and keep it as a fine to the loaner the credits left will be given to the loaner.

For an example say an avatar (Fully equipped) has a loan of 40k,
>All contact has been exhausted or is being ignored, a time limit will be placed by myself,
>We would then take enough to cover 40k so we will take Titan and a Weapon, we will keep the Surplus,
>We keep 8k (20%)
>The loaner gets back 32k and the loan is called quits.

We have methods in place that can not be disclosed by those that are left empty & those that refuse to pay or send items elsewhere to try dodge this system. The purpose of this is to restrict loans being thrown around and will, in time, remove the burden on staff to recover costs. Zorg is currently in the status of creating bits that add on to profiles that can be edited to warn other players of the risks or if they have outstanding debts to staff.

* Exhausted - All attempts of contact have been made, several times by BOTH staff & loaner.
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