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Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 20th 2013
The new age of Elders is here. The elder forum has been reformed into a new group and will now serve as a voice in Legacy decisions. It will be lead by Myself and others, the forum has been wiped and new threads have been posted. Membership has reverted back - to gain entry into this forum you must be suggested by an elder and they must by a majority vote you in. Elders should be a symbol of respect amongst the community, they have been warned that trolling and/or player abuse will find them removed. I will stick to this decision.

On another note, Christmas Holidays are here soon oooo.
"mwahahaha 1st"
"Well this can only be good news, with the coming updates I was rather expecting a thread there, it's good to see its being taken so seriously. "
"Wonder how many deadwoods will be included in this prestigious clan. "
"wow what a great game update "
"Gaining membership to Elders actually means something now. Glad we're taking this seriously."
" Very nice!"
"Nice to see that this resource is finally being used again, after Zorg first diluted it and then let it die off."
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Blade of Dawn
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