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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, January 4th 2014
There is a new vote up, please DO NOT VOTE EASILY. My plan if approved for the next map will completely be a one-off and would change warfare for those 3 months. I will be designing it with elders and Staff to create an environment never seen on Legacy.

The current ideas are:
- changeable Zones that would either promote or poison players,
- NPCs that would target the gang with the most squares
- Random Environmental Changes,
- Wild NPCS,
- 1x NPC per 1 Avatar.

These are just ideas, nothing is set in stone - I want the players to decide if you want this one off "nightmare" it would force gangs to completely change tactics every so often and it wouldn't be the usual case of get the most squares.

Again, these are just ideas - you're voting for a new one-off WL map that would be entirely different.
"another way to stop bod from owning wl over and over again lol"
"I would think that any change/update would be welcome at this stage of the game?"
"Those are some pretty good ideas. Would be interesting to see where they go. 1x NPC per 1 Avatar means for the gang that has most squares, right?"
"Anything new would be most welcome. Excited."
"DV, not everything is about you or BoD"
"Yes it is will. Make the change, change is good. Hope this happens"
"Why stop at just one of these ideas for a map? Environment changes could be all maps. NPCs that are wild, or attack the gang with the most, could be as well. The more the better, and fresher. "
"What would Legacy do without you, Scott?"
"i like he idea, hope it gets talked through properly before being implemented though"
"Nice and good ideas, however WL is won by activity"
"I wanna call it Project Mayham "
"where are the results for the map we just recently played?"
"ooooh promote/poison"
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