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Game News posted by Bongo
Thursday, July 1st 2021
The latest warfare results are as follows:

Warfare: May - June 2021
1: Dark Flame: 1,371,785 points
2: Chapter: 1,193,715 points
3: Outcasts: 392,335 points
4: Blade of Dawn: 335,645 points

Congratulations to DF on their victory!

The next map is live. Good luck to all gangs.
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 25th 2015
The results are in, some gangs where none-existent, all gangs however played by the rules set. The aim was to help by any means your rank 11's reach a high goal and to get more points than any other gang. The only gang to do this successfully surprisingly was The Outcasts.

Results are:
Dark Flame: 242
Blade of Dawn: 2072
Outcasts: 13386
Chapter: 2271

OC, I will be posting a thread about your rewards later this week, congratulations.
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