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Game News posted by sumwish
Monday, May 15th 2023
We've recently found ourselves short-handed on the Guide team and so I've opened up applications in the Main Forum for players who want to join and help improve our community.

Any desire to help newcomers to the game are welcome. Everyone can agree that new players joining the game is needed and our Guide team can help directly impact new player retention. We look forward to your applications. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
Game News posted by sumwish
Thursday, May 4th 2023
Here is last round's results:

1. Dark Flame: 1,719,720 points
2. Blade of Dawn: 916,413 points
3. Outcasts: 903,870 points
4. Chapter: 706,910 points

What a close call for 2nd! Congratulations everyone.

Huge thanks to GAGANB for submitting new WL maps.

If you haven't already seen the exciting news about Legacy Anniversary 2023, check out Will's blog below. Gambler's Hotel sign up is live in the games room. I will launch the game around midnight on Sunday May 7th so everyone can post their decision throughout Monday, so sign up quick if you want to earn some easy money!
Game News posted by sumwish
Monday, May 1st 2023
Hello Everyone

Looks like Option 2 wins for this rotation. It'll be a late map change over. Still waiting on Dev availability to help with some of the database changes that this map needs. I will not be making a new blog entry when we have a time set to change but if I do have enough time I will message each gang's leadership.

Here are the starting positions:

OC - 2,8
DF - 6,8
TC - 10,8
BoD - 14,8

HQs are fixed and Freezing squares will return.
Game News posted by sumwish
Friday, March 3rd 2023
Here is last round's results:

1. Chapter: 141,985 Metal
2. Blade of Dawn: 96,142 Metal
3. Dark Flame: 50 Metal
4. Outcasts: 0 Metal

Thank you to everyone for trying out this alternative model. We've learned a lot of things this past round.

There's a new WL Map submission thread in the Wasteland & Raids forum. We're still currently limited to 15 x 15 warfare until we can get a solution for Map overview. Feel free to keep designing oversized maps, but we're also looking for new 15 x 15 designs for next round. Feel free to post your creations!
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