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Game News posted by Will
Friday, June 16th 2023
Due to real world circumstances, Meepers has decided that it was his time to step aside as a member of the VH team. His past experience and presence is greatly appreciated and will be missed.

With that being said though, this means that I will be accepting applications for the now open VH position. There is a small chance that I will be looking to bring two instead of just one on to the team.

If this is something you might be interested, be sure to check the stickied thread in the Main Forum.
Game News posted by Will
Sunday, July 17th 2022
Due to a set of circumstances, Pie has stepped down from his position as a member of the Volunteer Helpers (VH). The rest of my team and myself thank him for his time with us and wish him the best.

That being said, this means that I will be looking for a new person to fill that position in the future. Applications have been posted in the Main Forum as a stickied thread.

Please send applications via the in game message system. If sent somewhere else, it might go unseen or worse be forgotten about.

I look forward to any applications I receive and will be in contact with those who do not long after the application deadline.
Game News posted by Will
Friday, December 11th 2020
Oh it's been a while since I've done one of these. Mostly because I haven't had anything that really needed to be posted for everyone. Until now.

Due to various circumstances, Wolf is no longer part of the VH team. He has been part of my team for a really long time and his assistance will be missed.

And shifting gears, I don't believe I will be taking any VH apps at this time with it being so close to the holidays so a lot of people are not fully paying attention to what's going on with Legacy.

Stay safe, have fun, and a Happy Holidays to all.
Game News posted by Will
Saturday, September 5th 2020
I did not forget about the apps and the new VH. However, due to the sheer number that I received it was a much more difficult decision than normal. So I wanted to sit down and really go over everything to see who would potentially be the best fit. And after about 2 whole weeks, I think I have reached that decision.

Again, this was actually a really difficult decision to reach since every app sent to me was unique in its own way and was well thought out. However, the two (yes, two, not just one) who will be joining the Volunteer Helper team will be Pie and Matt (currently known as OC3rdPlace and will have his name forcefully changed).

The positions for the VH will be changing a little bit, but overall nothing will ultimately change.

Wolf has been with me the longest and is typically on the same thought process as myself. Not only this but he has often been referred as my #2 for a while. So he will officially be listed as the Assist Lead VH

Connor will take up a new title while still overseeing Community related issues. Which include the forums and clans still.

Pie and Matt will receive their official assignments in the near future once I get them fully setup.

Thanks to everyone who applied for this position.
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