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Game News posted by sumwish
Monday, January 23rd 2023
Sign-ups for Valentine's WW are now live, please see the thread in the Games Room. This is an official Legacy WW game and features banners, character designs, staff favors, and credits as prizes. This game features an entry-fee of 2,500 credits (that will be returned to all players who are not modkilled), to be sent to Joseph upon posting in the sign-up thread, and also features pre-day phases before roles or anonymous identities are assigned. Modkills can occur in pre-day phases if people fail to post, and this will forfeit your entry-fee, so please remember the first pre-day phase occurs on February 4th and be sure to post.

Make sure you check out the wiki for an updated Werewolves page here: . You'll find updates made to old roles and some new roles added as well.
Game News posted by sumwish
Friday, September 23rd 2022
Legacy Halloween is just around the corner!

This year will have an early start to our Halloween WW game. Sign ups are live in the Games Room. Sign ups will be 2 weeks long, and I've put in the expected start time so that you know whether you can participate for the whole game or not. Try your hardest not to be mod killed

Now that we've got some things finalized on the Volunteer side of things, I am taking applications to fill ranks for both the Forum Moderation team and the Guide team. You can find the thread in the Main Forum to apply.
Game News posted by Will
Saturday, March 28th 2020
Now that I'm moved into my new place and have a more stable schedule/life again, the Werewolves I said that would start a month or so ago is finally going to happen. Be sure to check the Games Room for details on signups as well as a few new roles/role alterations.

This is also going to be trying out a new system to help the game run more smoothly and keep it easier to track. I'll also go out of my way to update the first post of the game like I usually do. So it's easier to see who is still participating.

Also, the winners will be getting something slightly different. Ever wanted to be a Werewolf for real?

Female Wolf Male Wolf

Winners will have the option available to them to have a Werewolf design uploaded as their design to truly show off that they won
Game News posted by Will
Thursday, January 30th 2020
So it has been long enough since it was last mentioned, which means we should talk about it.

Double Gains was mentioned as something that will happen at some point after the Christmas Raid and Christmas job were gone. Since they are gone, I suppose it's time that we get it.

When can you expect it to start? Well for the sake of making it as simple to answer:

Click here to just see the countdown

How long? 96 hours after that. Or 4 days.

What does double gains affect? Well:

-Double Experience from PVP and Hunt
-Double Item Experience
-Double Honing Experience
-Double payout from jobs
-Double Warfare points
-Double energy per hour (400/hour)
-Double boon xp

Does not
-Double Crafting Experience
-Double transferred Experience
-Double Job Experience
-Stack with buffs (for things like 4x job payout)
-Double hunting points
-Double gang rep gains/loss
-Double Drone xp
-Double raid xp
-Double Casino payout
-Double Drop rate
-Double Focus gain
-Double HP heal at hospital
-Double default token gain
-Double Page load times
-Double rewards from daily quests

And uh, oh, right, a new Werewolf game to break try out. New roles, slight alterations to roles, and the same chaos we all love to hate.
Christmas Hat
 - Updated by Albel

Christmas Card
 - Updated by Albel

Chaos Armor
 - Updated by Albel

 - Updated by Albel

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