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Game News posted by Bongo
Thursday, April 18th 2019
There will be a live podcast in the discord server tomorrow (Friday the 19th) at 10am EST, brought to you by Zach. A bunch of devs and voluntary helpers will be there so prepare some questions to ask. Hopefully we can get Zorg to make an appearance too.

Here is the link to the discord server:

Hope to see you all there (assuming I wake up on time to attend it ).
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, May 18th 2015
Its the final few days to collect your anniv stuff, the limited plat items are still ongoing. I just need to sort them out

Now that the happy-anniversary time is nearly over, time to get back to work and our accounts department is currently flooded so we'll be working through that soon. In relation, if you are given a fine by a staff member and refuse to pay it or decide that you want to play fetch by sending the fine elsewhere.

We will get them back and you will be reset for the privilege. There will be some large fines handed out over the next few days. We do not accept same network trading, family or not.
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