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Game News posted by Bongo
Thursday, April 18th 2019
There will be a live podcast in the discord server tomorrow (Friday the 19th) at 10am EST, brought to you by Zach. A bunch of devs and voluntary helpers will be there so prepare some questions to ask. Hopefully we can get Zorg to make an appearance too.

Here is the link to the discord server:

Hope to see you all there (assuming I wake up on time to attend it ).
Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, August 24th 2018
Legacy Podcast Episode 5 is aliiiiive! After more than a month of no podcasts, they're back with a big edition! Check it out on the Community > Hive Radio page! We've got a big group this time - the MnMs mattg2 & matt770, Zach, and myself!

We follow up on the front page quotes competition we had earlier, I give them a little preview into raids and we talk a lot about it (WOW ALDO AN AUDIO PREVIEW? REALLY? WOW THANKS). We also a talk a bit about the state of wasteland and discuss a few recent suggestions from the suggestions forum!

Hope you enjoy it!

(PS: So fun fact, I actually recorded a 1.5 hour podcast the night before with just Zach and matt770.... and after we had a great awesome session.... I realized... my mic wasn't being picked up my recorded... so it was just a podcast with blank spots where I'm supposed to be talking and zach just saying "yeah...yeah...yeah...yeah..." to no one... <3 #gamebreaker #podcastbreaker)
Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, June 28th 2018
Legacy Podcast Episode 3 is officially out! Check out Community > Hive Radio to listen to MattG2 & Zach's latest episode! You'll actually hear Zach talking in this one

Also, as you'll hear in the show, we're looking for some fresh new quotes to showcase in the portal! Post in Zach's thread in the Main Forum with your suggestions! Winning selections will ultimately get 10k each (we're looking for ~5 I believe but this could change).

A minor tease for the near future: y'all better be ready to do some venturing into the unknown. Ventrix called out the hive's First Observer on SC for not being prepared.. he said something about a Trial that you Observers might need to go through? I don't know but if I were you.. I'd be on the lookout for something funky

(For those of you who are level 80 and have 0 clue as to what i'm referring to, make sure you talk to Ventrix on the SNPC hunting page first and go through the mini quest!)

To quote the sign-off phrase of the illustrious podcaster Zach,

Have a good one!
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