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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, July 1st 2010
Photo Competition results are in! We have a few interesting entries this year ranging from lego to a lot of bullets... But myself and Zorg each gave a mark out of 10, so each photo had a marking out of 20. Only one entry was rejected because we couldn't guarantee its authenticity.

1st : faelust (200GP to Dark Flame, +4 Staff Favor and a new banner:)
2nd: Thanatos (50GP to Blade of Dawn and +3 Staff Favor)
3rd: Maurice (+2 Staff Favor)

Wiki: Legacy Photo Page

Thank you too that submitted entries this year, they're all very interesting.
Also if you're still after the rare banner please do not worry! We're having a flag competition in a few weeks and if you win that and already have this
banner: I will give you option to claim the bronze one!
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, June 29th 2010
Only 1 day left to enter the photo competition! Myself and Zorg will be judging the entries on the 2nd of July so it doesn't interfere with the Warfare Reset. Good luck to all the gangs in the next round, I'm sure Zorg will post the starting positions soon.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, June 13th 2010
Today we had some minor downtime caused by some happy web server updates that upgraded things to a non-working status. Also, in 2 weeks and 3 days the wasteland will reset! I'm not sure if we're having a WTF yet, but keep your hopes up I'm sure Zorg will find some way to entertain us whilst the new map is coded

Onto more exciting news I have new banners for you! They will be awarded only when you win a competition.

New Banners!
Winner of an official Legacy competition.
Winner of 2 official Legacy competitions.
Winner of 3 official Legacy competitions.

So you'd better start by entering our Photo Comp in the Main Forum that is running until July 1st. That's all I have to update you on so far so good luck to all that enter.
Real Life posted by Scott
Saturday, June 5th 2010
Well... Awesome Hour was a big difference to the events I usually hold. 30 questions in total as the first was void because of my first copy and paste fail. Anyway... dk16 will be hosting the next one as I was pretty much a "stand-in" for this one.

The Results!
1st: Lavender Lightning, 13 Points,
2nd: The Loaners, 10 Points,
3rd: The Chamber of Elders, 9 Points,
Teams that quit: Sexy Mexicans

All Prizes have been handed out and the wiki pages will be updated tomorrow, remember we have a photo contest going on! So go read the stickie in the Main forum
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