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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, March 21st 2010
Just a reminder that the Terms of Service governs all Legacy forums. Gang leadership are currently cleaning forums up because of people that seem to think gang forums bypass the language rules. I know in total there would've been about 60 pages of various ToS 1.0 violations. If you get any old messages about a thread that's archived... it means you've been swearing when you shouldn't have.

If it was in the Main Forums you would have been disfavored, this is a PG-13 game remember, thank you ahead of time to the Staff Reps and Gang Leaders... If you mail me with anyone that has helped you clean up I will give out rewards.

On a different note we have a reset ahead of us so get planning! I think we're having a WTF mode this time around so you should come and join the staff on the neutral square.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, January 17th 2010
LegCon was fun to run! The main points raised by the Chamber of Elders have been answered so we will take the items discussed and deal with them further when that system goes under the rebuild. If you want a say in the next system to be rebuilt go look in the suggestions forum and remember to provide a reason.

Gangs also got the chance to discuss points made by themselves and hopefully everyone got a good response from us. I also got asked about posting a list of "noted suggestions" so if you look in the "Guide Lines" thread in the Suggestions Forum I will start to post a list there. Here is a list of the main points raised and the outcome:

Warfare Points: Zorg will be looking into moving some items to hunting drops and � � �� � � � � � � � � � making expo items cost points.

Abilities: Some Abilities raised look like they will get a small edit, minds eye, � � � � �� � � � � � � shadowing and tracking might be tweaked.

Advertisement: We had a few suggestions but we're not aiming to advertise fully �� � �� � �� � �� � � � �� �until a few systems are rebuilt. Also youtube adverts...
�� � �� � �� � �� �� �� �don't go well for a browser based game.

Hopefully your reps have posted your points back in your member forums Thanks for all that turned up and Thanks to Zorg for being there to give live feedback.
Dev News posted by Scott
Thursday, January 14th 2010
Busy week for me! I'm working on getting a new item released for Valentines Day so hopefully it works within the game. The portal is nearly finished and is on the edge of being released, it looks amazing I must say and congratulations to the quotes picked to be on the main page they really do sum up the game.

LegCon is at 3pm tomorrow so please turn up! You can still add information through your gang reps whilst in chat. For reps and for future events I've made a wiki page explaining a lot of stuff so yeah... click it below read it before it starts!

Also, just thought I'd explain the suggestion forums after mails asking "why isn't my suggestion added". After I've posted saying "noted" its kept until I talk to Zorg and it gets approved/shot down. Right now we're not looking for huge suggestions just minor ones, we still are undergoing huge updates to parts of the game so no suggestion will be added until they're finished. Oh and below you will find some links to some useful Wiki pages that I've made. Yes I know the server move is "old" but it's nice to reflect on history

LegCon�������� Spectral Items �������� Server Move
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, January 9th 2010
Well this week has been.. eventful Newie Hour got delayed by an Hour or so but it was still a success. It would've been nice to see more newbies so maybe it being a monthly event isnt a good idea. I have feedback about what issues newbies face when signing up and whats the worst system they encounter.

Next week is LegCon so yeah mak sure you read your gang's member forums, also it seems Zorg has broken the flux capacitor for Legacy so it will be a few days until we get that fixed.. or Dr Who will be murdering him

Oh and question hour may be returning soon I just need to sort it all out so keep an eye out
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