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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, September 4th 2010
Yesterday we randomly got hit by spam bots on our wiki, we have reverted all the damage done to main and user pages so nothing should be left. To make sure that doesn't happen again I have blocked certain HTML expressions on the wiki. They shouldn't really stop you editing as they're ones that are never used on a wiki but widely used by bots. If you do have any issues and get blocked make a ticket and paste the error you got.

Also as an added precaution we have removed every staff email from pages and removed some user email. If you have saved an email onto your page we highly suggest you remove it. Otherwise you run the risk of getting it copied by a crawler then being spammed until the bot dies/email is removed from the list.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, August 22nd 2010
Today I set up ticket access for Legacy Affairs, meaning you can either contact them via mail or make a ticket. Just make sure if you want LA to deal with your ticket you add a name or just add Legacy Affairs somewhere so we know where to send it, if it doesn't then it will automatically be dealt with by Pie.

For those unsure about Legacy Affairs and it's actions it is a team headed by Pie and acts as a review team to help with certain areas of our staff division. They currently have Guest access to RC (Staff System) and Ticket Access. If you would like to know more I'm sure FatTony, faelust, Skorne or Lucas will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Also we have new achievements on the way, sometime next week (I think!). They haven't all been fully coded yet but a good chunk of them have and are on our DEV server. Avatars have been granted 20k tokens to go bug hunting within the casino. If you find any please make a ticket titled [DEV] Bug. That's all the updates I can think of so I'll leave you with a quote!

Pie: can i have my 1000 tokens back?
Zorg: I sent them back to you, didn't you get them in the mail?
Pie: ha.. >.>
Zorg: Weird, contact our customer services department. They're open
Friday's 11am - 1pm, 0800 BITEME
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, August 3rd 2010
Flag results are in! After 2 hours (Probably more) of judging with Zorg, 45 entries, three cups of tea and... we are finally ready to release the results. This years entries where awesome to look at and some amazed us both. I would like to say thank-you to all that entered, making this competition the largest flag comp we have ever had on Legacy.

The Winners!

o 1st: +4 Staff Favor, , and 900 credits.
o 2nd: +3 Staff Favor, and 225 credits.
o 3rd: +2 Staff Favor and .

Below are all the flags entered if you wish to look at them! Also on an un-related note we have two new Legacy Affairs members; Skorne & Lucas!
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, July 28th 2010
Just a reminder that you have 4 days to finish off your flags and enter the competition. It currently stands at 33 entries totaling a pot of 3300 credits. Meaning first place winners get 660 credits each, second place get 165 credits each.

I took a quick glance at the thread in the main forum and I'm amazed at the entries yet horrified by the amount of time its going to take to judge them.

Good Luck!
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