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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, June 3rd 2010
Very eventful week for myself and it's going to get better! I've noticed our last photo contest was last year, so what better time to launch another! This is the time where you can let your creative juices flow and try impress us with the best photo you can take. It must contain your username and "" somewhere in the image. I will put last years winners and a link to the wiki page below!

Check out the Main forum for more details, there will be a submit thread so you can submit your entries to us and a talk thread - just so we don't have to spend hours finding your entries. Prizes will be posted in the Main Forum as well as extra rules, however be warned I may be horrible at photo shop but Zorg isn't and makes it his goal to work out if an image is true or false so don't try your luck

Link 1:Last Years Winner!
Link 2: Legacy Photo Page

Other Events that are coming up will be Newbie hour, Flag Contest, Halloween Hunt and maybe another follow up LegCon in November. More will be posted later closer to the time of these however but for now whip out your cameras and head to the Main Forum as entries close on the 1st July 2010!!
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, May 22nd 2010
Thank you to everyone who turned up to LegCon last night and put forward your gang views. Myself and Zorg will take the feedback and you'll see a few changed within the next few days. Below you will see a link to a LegCon point page, then next to it the actual log. I will be posting these links again in gang forums and locking the threads. I'd post them here but You'd be having a page too long

Link 1:LegCon Points
Link 2: LegCon #2 Log

Forums will be going offline tonight to update some of the forums. Also some of you will be contacted by Pie soon so good luck with your applications
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, May 20th 2010
LegCon is tomorrow at 5pm, here is a current list of the reps:
Chapter - Bernard721, Simvader, Tzirn, and Spanky
Dark Flame - Tibos. (need more)
Blade of Dawn - Darp, Korin, Angel and KevinMP
Outcats - Food, Risque, Happydays and Bcfcespley
Rogue - Pie.
Elders - Ross, Tibos, Food and Darp.

I would like the reps to login 10/15 minuets early into chat so I can explain what is going to happen and how the meeting will progress. At 5pm Main Chat will be changed to "moderated" meaning nobody apart from reps will be able to speak. If you wish to put a point across double click their names in the player list within chat and it will open a PM box.

On another note you have 2 days left to apply for a Guide/Chat Mod position, for more information on that go read Pie's stickie in the Main Forum.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, May 16th 2010
On Friday 21st May at 5pm server time I will be hosting LegCon with Lucas and Zorg. In this meeting we will discuss a range of topics, next weeks will include The Chamber of Elders and Legacy Affairs. I urge gang leaders to start putting together reps and gang comments as soon as possible. I will put the last sessions transcript up on the wiki tomorrow and threads will be posted in all gang member forums.

Link: LegCon wiki page

I have a few more events planned this year a few of those include a Newbie Hour next month, Flag Contest and a Halloween Hunt will be making an appearance. On a final note this years gift box have now been removed from the from the main page, if you got yours this year I hope you used the contents of the box wisely!
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