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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, January 3rd 2010
Well Awesome Hour went epic as usual well done to Dark Flame.
Posting this on Behalf of dk16, I have to say he's really outdone himself this time. The outfits are amazing Blade of Dawn and Outcasts will get theirs later on this year both at the same time and if it's anything like today's outfits... it's worth the wait

Just a reminder that next week is Newbie Hour! I hope to see Guides and some new faces there
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, December 30th 2009
I'm dying as I type this .... That out of the way I've posted a LegCon thread in each Gang's Member Forum. I'd advise you to get involved as much as possible whatever your gang rank is. In your newbie forums you will find a Newbie Hour thread so mentors/guides can you please let your new members know about it!

On the 2nd of January at 3pm EST we have Awesome Hour. Good fun to turn up to and earn clothes for your gang More information on that can be found in the Main Forum if you're interested.

Important Dates
Awesome HourSaturday 2nd January at 3pm EST
Newbie HourSaturday 9th January at 1pm EST
LegCon Friday 15th January at 3pm EST

I wish all of you a happy new year and hopefully darp will post the results of the 09' votes. Ross's ego has won 3 years in a row I think... o_o
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, December 19th 2009
Just to update you on what's happening within the Development part of the game. Zorg's busy coding the new staff system and the shrubbed players list. I'm sure he will update you on that later. We have 2 Online Chat events coming up:

Newbie Hour - Saturday 9th January at 1pm EST
��This Event is limited to people ages 150 days old and lower. It's a main event for ��the newbies to go to chat and have a big question time with Guides and interact ��with Staff. At the end you can submit feedback to me so we can improve how our ��newbie experience is for new accounts.

LegCon - Friday 15th January.
�� This event is for ALL of the game, however due to the amount of people
�� expected Online Chat will be set to Moderated. The whole event is so players and
�� Staff can note the big problems with Legacy and in this quick session create fixes!
�� Each gang will have to elect 4 reps to speak for the gang. Don't worry if you want
�� to add something to the chat, just speak to your rep and he/she will have the
�� chance to say it for you. A thread will be made in each gang's member forum
�� later in January.

Don't worry if you forget, you will be reminded near to the date of the events
On another note I hope you all have fun over the holidays and please...
Don't login drunk
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 25th 2009
Congratulations to 2009 Flag Competition winners. This year's entries
have been the hardest to judge yet. Myself and Zorg *cough* Gustav *cough* spent over half an hour scoring and commenting on flags. Here are the prizes broken down for you

o First prize: +4, special banner and 640 credits!
o Second prize: +3, special banner and 160 credits!
o Third prize: +2 and the special banner!

The Winners!

Thank you to all that entered, well done if you won. On another note Christmas is just around the corner and Zorg has announced the calender is making a return so get in the festive spirit. Who knows what you will get this year

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