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Game News posted by Aldo
Saturday, January 21st 2017
The Hive Gatekeepers hunting cost has been reduced and points offered per hunt increased for the weekend only. There was an issue with one of their drops being far too common, more so than desired, for those that used the Book of Luck. While all their drops are still the same, their drop table has been reorganized with the help of a proposal by Rod. The reorganization only serves to benefit all players, especially those with the Double Luck status effect.

I feel really bad that this happened and do apologize to those with Double Luck. I was only just informed about it but it's been taken care of now. For all those with Double Luck, we are looking at ways to make up for the bad experience you've had - not leaving you in the dust. Bear with me as my time irl is a bit limited at the moment but something will be done sooner rather than later.

In other news,

- For those who couldn't find them, the Phoenix Key event rewards can be found in the Shadow Facility.

- Boons are gradually gained by participating/being active in various aspects of the game. Think of it as leveling up - you earn XP by doing different things. The amount of XP you need per boon has been altered here and there (only to your benefit) and based on how this weekend and a few days after go, we will fix the rate of Boon XP/Boon gain at a specific value.
Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, January 20th 2017
Double Gains is live! It will be live till Sunday 11:59PM EST.

Also, the Shadow Facility is back... and so am I! Did you miss me?

Okay got fair ground to cover here (and this isn't even all of it lol):

1. Shadow Facility's back. It comes with 3 new interesting "operations". Unfortunately you need to power up the Forge to get those operations running smoothly again. I'll post more soon once 'Alpha Prime' has gotten one of them going.

2. Contributor Rewards for the Phoenix Key parts have been finally handed out. Enjoy your sacks! NOTE: Those who received the Double Pay and Double Energy books - these do not stack during double gains weekend. If you have already used it, do not worry - I will recompensate the days lost for you after the double gains weekend.

3. New mid-70s NPC - X-Corp Droids. They seem pretty chill no? Don't worry.. more to come. Sentries have been found occasionally invading in the WL. Beware of them!

4. Joe's Merchandise now offers Phoenix Key exchange! Bye bye Path Key parts (and good riddance)!

5. Boons are now being awarded. These are special points you get for being an active player. You can work towards getting boons by participating in nearly every single part of the game. More on this sometime next week when the Boon Shop is finalized

6. Equippable items now have a new quality level - level 6! What is it called? Level up to find out. Does it have any use? Level up the Forge to find out!

Enjoy this weekend and don't worry, y'all ain't rid of me yet!
Game News posted by Lynx
Wednesday, January 18th 2017
Hey Folks !

As some of you may have already noticed, there have recently been a few changes to the voluntary development team.

For the foreseeable future I will now be around assisting with fixing whatever breaks, and future releases.

Also the "Sell on Market" button in inventory will now only be available if the selected item is actually tradeable.

Kind Regards
- Lynx
Game News posted by Aldo
Saturday, January 14th 2017
Balancing is happening on dev right now. These are not final numbers, but pretty close to what may end up going live eventually. The following changes have been made:

3. Orphic Amulet to drop to 0 D.Skill, not -25.
4. Void Axe - +5 min damage to 65.
5. Nerve Gauntlet, +2 points to accuracy and dodge.
6. Recon Drone - Increase accuracy to 0 from -2, weapon skills to -20 instead of -30.
7. Droid drone - Increase dodge to 0 from -2, D.SKill to -20 instead of -40.
8. Void Sword - +3 accuracy, +15 M.skill, -10 max damage.
11. Rift guns decrease G.Skill by -15, accuracy -5.
18. Scout Drones - Accuracy to drop to 30 instead of 32.

Please test on dev if you have access to it and these items. All feedback is appreciated. Let us know after testing them yourselves if the balance has been too much in one direction or the other or they affect combat in a way other than what was intended. I'm particularly keen on hearing about the Rift/Void changes.


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