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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, January 27th 2017
Details on the Boon Ship will come sometime soon when I have a bit more free time. In the meanwhile, I have created a 'Known Bugs' thread in Main Forum which we will use to document any bugs as they are found out. Please read the instructions in the thread carefully to fully understand its purpose and how you can be involved in it. There's also a documented issue there - please make sure you read and are aware of that, thank you.

Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, January 26th 2017

Latest update was a very minor one as I haven't (and will not for a while) had the time to work on anything major so I picked some smaller things to chip away at.

1. Hid already trained abilities from drop down.
2. Side Chat Mute (see Game Options)
3. Maximum Quick Links increased to 12 from 10.
4. Shadow Facility added as a quick link option.
5. Fixed incorrect time display for radioactive efficiency II.
6. Fixed birthday painted items not giving 25% loss in XP Transfers when transferring between it and its unpainted form.
7. Fixed Hunting Points calculation error.
8. Fixed item preview for shop items not displaying forge points/tempered stats correctly.

Finally, those under the effect of Double Luck who received only serums between ~6:19 AM, Jan 20th till ~6:30 AM Jan 21st have had their hunting drops re-simulated. Drops have been delivered and if you've found your inventory and void clogged to the high heavens, this is why. We only looked at Gatekeeper hunts for you that occurred AFTER you activated Double Luck during this period and re-simmed accordingly. 13 players were affected by this and I will be soon sending a transmission (i.e. popup message) to them.

Also, it's almost Friday and I have so many midterms I'm about ready to cry. Wish me luck. Happy almost-weekend!

Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, January 23rd 2017
Due to recent errors with the drop rates of certain items the following changes are going to occur.

If you have an Void Axe, Core Staff, Core Shield or Abyss Crystal with an ID from 8249517 to 8267879 then it is going to become 'tainted'. This will change the name and artwork of the item slightly and reduce its trades to 0.

If said item was on the market it will be removed and placed in your void for collection. This change will occur for 28 x Abyss Crystals, 28 x Core Sta(ves?), 22 x Core Shields and 8 x Void Axes. If your item was missed while you were under the effects of double luck and have a non-tainted item, send in a ticket to let us know.
Game News posted by Aldo
Saturday, January 21st 2017
The Hive Gatekeepers hunting cost has been reduced and points offered per hunt increased for the weekend only. There was an issue with one of their drops being far too common, more so than desired, for those that used the Book of Luck. While all their drops are still the same, their drop table has been reorganized with the help of a proposal by Rod. The reorganization only serves to benefit all players, especially those with the Double Luck status effect.

I feel really bad that this happened and do apologize to those with Double Luck. I was only just informed about it but it's been taken care of now. For all those with Double Luck, we are looking at ways to make up for the bad experience you've had - not leaving you in the dust. Bear with me as my time irl is a bit limited at the moment but something will be done sooner rather than later.

In other news,

- For those who couldn't find them, the Phoenix Key event rewards can be found in the Shadow Facility.

- Boons are gradually gained by participating/being active in various aspects of the game. Think of it as leveling up - you earn XP by doing different things. The amount of XP you need per boon has been altered here and there (only to your benefit) and based on how this weekend and a few days after go, we will fix the rate of Boon XP/Boon gain at a specific value.
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