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Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, November 28th 2017
There is a new vote up for a little feedback on the Scavenger ability. Be sure to vote. A thread will most likely be created in the Main Forum for a discussion on it.

I would also like to remind everyone of a few things.

1) I am the Lead Volunteer Helper (VH). Meaning any actions that my VH take that you feel are unjust or unwarranted should be reported directly to me via in game messages. Side chat is not the place to air out your grievances against them as that is against the HCS ToS as Staff Harassment and it will be handled as such.

2) Mods and Guides are lead by the Community Admins. In this case, Wolf and Neltharion. Anything that goes on with Mods or Guides goes to Wolf or Neltharion before me. If the person in question feels they were treated unfairly, they can just as easily come to me and ask me to look into something.

3) The conduct on side chat is progressively getting worse. This is due to things not being reported. My VH and myself cannot be on 24/7. That is why all 5 of us have an "open message box" type of policy. We have no problems handling a situation that is deemed inappropriate, whether it be abuse, harassment, or just flat out toxic behavior.

Please keep these things in mind for in the future.
Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, October 21st 2015
Name changes.... are changing! From the 30th of October if an account has the name that you require we may be able to help you out.

As long as the account is inactive, not famous and has not been a long standing account with us - we will look at removing the account and freeing up the name. The definitions of inactive, famous and long standing are by our definition so if you're turned away we will explain why.

Generally if the account is level 1-5 and has been offline for 300 days+ we have no issues, if it is ex-staff for example Deeg etc... We will refuse on the basis that it could be abused.

You can submit your requests via the ticket system and myself and accounts dept will review and begin to start the process, you WILL have to wait 30 days for the account to be deleted, unless I can set up a fast track.
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, July 9th 2015
Today I have dealt with a few outstanding tickets that hit 100 days old. The complexity of this report meant that we needed quite a bit of time and a lot of log checking. The result of which is Item EXP Farming.

We do not allow players to remove equipment to gain experience or an create advantages for other players. With the new item exp system we have had multiple reports but no clear guidelines. We now have such a system in place and the first people that we found farming EXP are SlJesus and FGame. They have been farming EXP and funding each other with meds.

As a result they have earned themselves a 7 day ban, and we (myself & Zorg) have reset their titans to 0XP and refunded the crystals attached.

I have a few more reports to go through so people will be joining them, thank you to the people who have put in reports, you've helped a lot!
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, April 28th 2015
This is going to be a [b]VERY[/b] long blog, just to warn you.

I am sorry to all players that have stayed very loyal to the game, the new players and anyone else in the past few weeks. You've seen a very low staff approach around Legacy and work has backed up. My only excuse was - I moved house. BUT I have, and I can't believe I'm admitting this. I took a day off work to genuinely sort out Legacy. Yes there you go - I used a bit of my quota for you guys, feel special.

I suppose first off I'd better number the stuff below,

If you're in the business of loans, you must read the main forum thread located here. (Click) There are a few additions that completely re-haul loans and how staff will deal with them. If you have any questions I have made a main forum thread and I will answer any questions you have. Please try make them as short as possible though.

Also with Loans, anyone that was owed credits by BigDeek, his new account name is Threedog and he has been instructed to continue payments and not default - Please edit any of your notes to reflect this.

Any current tickets on loans will be dealt with on the OLD system to make it fair, and I will be doing them after posting this blog so don't fret, you're not being forgotten.

2 - WL Results
Warfare: January - March 2015
1: Dark Flame: 1,268,190 Points,
2: Blade of Dawn: 1,043,890 Points,
3: Outcasts: 853,180 Points,
4: Chapter: 257,820 Points.

Zorg will be editing the Trophy soon, congratulations to all gangs.

3 - Item EXP Farming
We're currently new to item exp, therefore we have a low impact on people currently farming items. We have however reports and a good player attitude to people farming items. Zorg will be posting an official stance soon on what exactly item exp farming is. We will also be putting a no exceptions, no tolerance attitude to go with it.

and to fully emphasise how serious I am about the people, who know exactly what they're doing - I am going to reset every item you've ever farmed EXP on - regardless of how little that may be.

To the players reporting this, please continue to do so, your reports have proven to be very helpful in our understanding of this. You may not have a reply ASAP, but we will be backtracking any reports currently open - so if your ticket is a month+ old, please do not worry we have seen it!

4 - Anniversary
I've been banned from saying anything ... and Steven has

5 - Staff/Guides
I'll be re-hauling Staff and Guides later this month and cutting any dead weight so you may see apps rise again.

6 - Items sent to wrong player
Read before you hit enter - what is wrong with some of you?! We will be redirecting items, this time only as a one off.

I'm gunna go deal with all the tickets and trawl through forums for the next few hours, mail me if you have any questions to this blog - Except if its about loans, go to the thread for that.

Have a nice day guys!
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