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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, July 9th 2015
Today I have dealt with a few outstanding tickets that hit 100 days old. The complexity of this report meant that we needed quite a bit of time and a lot of log checking. The result of which is Item EXP Farming.

We do not allow players to remove equipment to gain experience or an create advantages for other players. With the new item exp system we have had multiple reports but no clear guidelines. We now have such a system in place and the first people that we found farming EXP are SlJesus and FGame. They have been farming EXP and funding each other with meds.

As a result they have earned themselves a 7 day ban, and we (myself & Zorg) have reset their titans to 0XP and refunded the crystals attached.

I have a few more reports to go through so people will be joining them, thank you to the people who have put in reports, you've helped a lot!
"I remember leveling up people used to say to take one weapon off to max the gun skill or projectile skill etc. can we not do that anymore?"
"Fantastic that those who abused the ystem got themselves what they deserved, but 100 days? Ticket resolution time needs to be addressed. Many tickets are not treated with the priority they deserve."
"Awesomesauce, really outstanding work from the staffards involved in this matter. "
"100 days?! Try to do this with a real company and you would get fired asap !"
"lol SlJesus, serves ya right "
"100 days is way to long... hopefully the new staff will help with that. and good riddance to the farmers!"
"The age of the ticket has been explained "
"@Poseidon i think that is a valid strategy. Removing items to help someone else gain XP should be the thing that is banned. Staff should chip in with clear guidelines though."
"i made it into the legacy blog, my life is complete. i would like to thank sljesus for helping me."
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