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Game News posted by rollin340
Thursday, November 7th 2019
So, I decided to help out the new players, because it takes too long to train Abilities right now, and Cow Bells aren't going to cut it.

Your base rate, before Speed Reading, Training Boost, or Favors, is now based on your total amount of currently trained points.

From 0 to 100,000, you get 30 base points.
From 100,001 to 200,000, you get 25 base points.
From 200,001 to 300,000, you get 20 base points.
From 300,001 to 400,000, you get 15 base points.
From 400,001 to 500,000, you get 10 base points.
From 500,001 onward, you get 5 base points.

This means if you are over 500,000 Points right now, nothing changes for you.
If you have only trained less than 100,000, rejoice, for you now train 30 at base.

Speed Reading, Favor, and Training Boost work on top of these; so it is possible to have +39.

If you want to discuss it, feel free to make a Thread in Main.
Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, August 14th 2018
I know this isn't huge, but for some it is. Mainly because the purpose of the Dev server is to test things. And you can't very well do that if you can't get your abilities because you pressed the "Randomize my level" and skipped level 20 and 80.

That being said, rollin340 was awesome enough to make it so that I can adjust player levels, reset abilities, and unlock abilities if you missed these important levels.

So, if your abilities are stuck, just message me directly and I will unlock your abilities on Dev once I have a moment.
Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, January 13th 2017
A bunch of new little and big things are in today..
1. New Jobs:
a) Crystal Mining
b) X-Corp Research Lab

Each of these jobs pay more than the previous one and also drop some cool items. I hear OG Mining also drops something. With a fair number of dangerous jobs, I wonder if there's an item that can make things.. less dangerous?

2. 3 New Status Effects - these are higher tiers of the existing ones as some of you may have seen on dev. You get them by consuming a Large Power Cell, which you can get.. I wonder where?

3. Cow Bell (decreases training time for currently-training ability by 1 hour) sold for 160 wfps.

4. New item in Casino Shop for all you 1337 hackers out there.

5. 110 Badge and Banner

6. The Honing Combat Log messages have been abridged ever so slightly. If you still have a broken combat log history from it later on, PM me and I'll take care of it.

7. New Medic ability category. Medic Study has been unlocked for you if your level is greater than or equal to 20. Go to Information > Abilities to train it and then go ahead and buy/train the (currently sole) ability, Healing Touch, within the Medic category from the Hall of Knowledge. You can read the description of Healing Touch to learn more but it let's you heal a fellow gang member on the same square at the cost of focus (so avs only can unlock it for now - lowbies, don't worry we haven't forgotten about your potential to be medics!). Using /heal will also generate a new type of Combat Log message for the which can be toggled on/off under Template Control (last option - Incoming Targeting Ability).

Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, January 11th 2017
Armor/Weapon Honing abilities now give +3 hourly bonus with an additional +3 at max level. However, they now come with an inactivity decay. So for every day you aren't logged in since your last login, you will receive a -8 to your hourly bonus. Ability levels 4 and 5 get a 1 and 2 day grace period respectively. They also now give a flat +1 xp per armor/weapon hit in all PVP/PVE.

You can see here (link) but here's what it looks like for someone with a maxed honing ability to go from level 1 to level 5 with an item:

XP/hour = 18 | 156.25 days at Level 5.
(281.25 days for avg daily [no ability])
(100.45 days for average daily active attacker)
(96.98 days for average daily active attacker with ability and +1 WL pvp xp)

[Day 1] + 432 | ItemXP = 432 (Lv. 1 )
[Day 2] + 432 | ItemXP = 864 (Lv. 1 )
[Day 3] + 432 | ItemXP = 1296 (Lv. 1 )
[Day 4] + 240 | ItemXP = 1536 (Lv. 1 )
[Day 5] + 48 | ItemXP = 1584 (Lv. 1 )
[Day 6] + 0 | ItemXP = 1584 (Lv. 1 )

You will now receive a Combat Log message regarding your hourly gains. The Status Effects module now only shows when you have any status effects active. Also, status effects have been centered... you're welcome.
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