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Game News posted by rollin340
Thursday, September 3rd 2020
Ok, so updates for Shadow, and some WL changes.

Shadow - It now has a root effect on all enemies of the square you land on. It's 5 seconds + 1 second for each level of Shadow; this means it is a minimum of 6 seconds, max of 10 seconds.

WLs - HQs can move across rivers. Actually still need to test this, but it should work. If the HQ is in a river, it counts as being in a Red Zone; you gain a lot less Points per hour tick. If your HQ is on a river as it melts, that square will remain frozen. When it moves along, that square would melt again. You can't deploy your HQs there though.

There were a few extra validations and bug fixes. The temperature bar as you already know is back. If you are for some reason on a blocked Square, you will be kicked out on a tick as though you were on a melting square. A few minor stuff here and there.

Also, for those who were not aware, the squares that melt/freeze now have a different color to make it more obvious.

If you run into any bugs, feel free to let us know.
"shadow does too much now"
"I dont agree 5Gz, it takes 30 focus, it should at least be better than /shield "
"I dunno. 30 focus to shadow-phase onto enemy squares, then add "root" ALL non-friendly players is excessive. Cutting out the need to track, and to phase to any square, was the enhancement. "
"30 Focus is Phasing from 1 corner to the other. Even if they Phased away 1 Square, you still burn 30 Focus. At least now, it is used as a means to forcing combat, where previously the one you Shadowed"
""It should work" ~ Biggest lie ever by a dev "
"can you lower the achievement requirement from 1000 to 200?"
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