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Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, August 14th 2018
I know this isn't huge, but for some it is. Mainly because the purpose of the Dev server is to test things. And you can't very well do that if you can't get your abilities because you pressed the "Randomize my level" and skipped level 20 and 80.

That being said, rollin340 was awesome enough to make it so that I can adjust player levels, reset abilities, and unlock abilities if you missed these important levels.

So, if your abilities are stuck, just message me directly and I will unlock your abilities on Dev once I have a moment.
Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, June 6th 2018
So, there is an update on Dev regarding the WLs UI.

If you could, please do go over and do some testing.
Anything and everything you can think of doing in the WLs, do it.

If all is well, it can go live on Friday.
I'll post more details on it when it's live.
Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, July 23rd 2013
The development server is live again, if you're a staff member or level 80+ you can find it at the link below. It took me a good few hours to make it all work with the new account system but I think I got most of it done.

If you encounter any problems throw a ticket my way and I'll get it looked at. The database has been completely reset so all will start from scratch.

Link: Development Portal

Some new stuff should be coming up on there for testing soon.
Dev News posted by Zorg
Saturday, March 3rd 2012
Thanks to everyone who is helping test on the Development server right now, I'm running through the bugs as fast as I can. I'll be expanding the new combat system to handle hunting as well next week.

Most of the UI issues have been cleaned up. My main concern right now is the new combat equations and how they affect game balance / hit chances.

Keep reporting any bugs you find in my thread on the Development server Main Forum.
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