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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, September 4th 2011
There are some changes to Staff, wiki and elders you need to be aware of. Please read the following and act accordingly

Wiki + LC DEV
LC DEV is now redundant and SysOps, GFX will be moved to the Elder forum effective immediately, if you are in LC DEV you have 2 days to save any information needed, the clan will be shut down when this time is reached.

Please be aware that this will now be the hub of development and information - meaning this forum will be the home of all wiki updates and home to the Wiki Management team. Elders will be used more often now by Zorg and a lot of the staff Team, members will be looked at once more and inactives removed.

I will be inactive from the 11th of September to the 18th/19th September because I need to move to Uni All my duties will be passed to DMaster and Zorg. If you require my help and care to wait for a reply, be aware my mailbox fills up daily so you're best to try: email

DMaster will be inactive from the 24th September - 29th September/1st October. I will be taking over his duties in that time because of the same reason.

Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, August 22nd 2011
It's been a fun run, this Legacy stuff. It's had ups and downs, I've changed my mind a million times about what to do. I've started making at least 3 side projects, never to finish them. Whatever happens, it's been a great few years and I can't take credit for much of it. The community has held together through it all, pretty much independent of me for a long time now. I hope you've made friends and memories here that will last a life time.

So, I'm done making false promises and plans only to disappoint people. Now it's time to allow some new people to do that on my behalf. Today, for the first time in Legacy history, I welcome both Aldo and Macey to the development team. They will be sharing in my powers to create, fix, update and no doubt break Legacy and with their help maybe we can get off to a truly fresh start.

We have plans for change and they are awesome, but we won't be telling you about them until we have something to show you.
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, July 29th 2011
It would seem it has been a good week for computer/net issues, Zorg with his internet then my backup drive said goodbye cruel world etc... and DMaster threw his out of a window or something.. *shrug*

Oh yeah, final few days to apply for staff, have quite a few so you will hear from me around the 2nd of August! I will be replying to each application with a decision on your application, the progress and any other advice if you wish to apply in the future.

Deadline: 31st August 2011!
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, July 21st 2011
Sometimes on Legacy there is a lot of drama, it would seem our own drama was going on behind closed doors between staff. All is fine however and we have all put the guns down and we're back to business as per usual.

If you wish to join the staff team, we have a few positions open! If you want to apply all the information is in the Main Forum, there are a few rounds of staff applications so you wont be sat there bored waiting for a reply - My aim is to re-vamp our application process and reply to every application even if you are unsuccessful. However a decision to become staff should not be taken lightly, good luck

Hopefully you will hear from me soon.
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