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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, August 18th 2012
Quick notice: Staff/VH Applications are open, they will remain open until the 25th of August. If you require any information click on the thread located >> HERE! <<. Good luck on any application sent

A note about the wiki, you can login with your account details you use to login to Legacy. Anyone can edit the wiki - it is a community project and SysOps arent hired to update stuff, they just do Anyone showing great potential or just being a friendly help will beinvited to join the Wiki Clan - I may eventually get a banner made for edits and stuff, just to get it more active.

I know more useless information but hey! Thanks for reading, I sent Zorg a list of stuff that needs doing he's done a few things and he's looked nto the bigger stuff like Achievements that are broken so yeah... Expect stuff to start being fixed soon'ish.
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, July 30th 2012
So I've been searching through some gang logs and I have run into an issue, Warfare logs seem to be spammed by mutes and unmutes with no logical reason.

Please can Gang Leaders create a post for gang mutes and add reasons so if objected to Staff Reps have a bassline to work with.

Gang Chat Mute was added to give gang leadership more control over flooding members, and at my request to Zorg to add it - Use it lightly not as a toy. Anymore usage for no reason or because "you can" and you will find it removed.
Real Life posted by Scott
Thursday, July 26th 2012
I'm back! Logged into piles of work and emails.. you guys have way too much time on your hands. Speaking of that who started the rumour I've been in Uganda for the past week?

Anyway I'll deal with all my tickets, mails and emails now so check your mailboxes - If I've forgotten you - please remail!

Also if any of you fancy helping me please regularly injure the following players:

- Guilt,
- Gentoo,
- Macey.

Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, April 3rd 2012
Just a reminder you have a few days left to apply for VH/Staff, for more info CLICK HERE!

Good few apps so far

In a month exactly another birthday appears and if you havn't guessed by the date it is indeed... Legacys! Going to plan a few things and throw them at Zorg, have any suggestions - use the comments!
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