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Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, December 24th 2013
Reminder that warfare will be offline at 12pm today until 12pm on Thursday. Scores will not be affected. For those that are complaining - it is two days and Legacy will be somewhat empty so you're not missing much - use the time to plan for when warfare comes back online if you need to.

Secret Santa - get sending your gifts now, some awesome ones have been sent! If you receive something post it in the thread Thank you for all taking part. Legacy Yearly Votes is coming back, darp is somewhat busy so b14warrior will be posting the thread in the next few days.

I'm going to go deal with all the Legacy tickets now, and I will also be updating the known bugs list with information. A reminder that staff activity will be little to none for the next few days so mails and tickets may have a late reply. If you need urgent staff attention - say if the game breaks, not if someone avoids a filter, you can get me directly by my Legacy email. Myself and Zorg will be "on call" sort've if anything breaks, although nothing should... at all.


Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 20th 2013
The new age of Elders is here. The elder forum has been reformed into a new group and will now serve as a voice in Legacy decisions. It will be lead by Myself and others, the forum has been wiped and new threads have been posted. Membership has reverted back - to gain entry into this forum you must be suggested by an elder and they must by a majority vote you in. Elders should be a symbol of respect amongst the community, they have been warned that trolling and/or player abuse will find them removed. I will stick to this decision.

On another note, Christmas Holidays are here soon oooo.
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, November 17th 2013
So the results are in! I do apologise for them being late we have been somewhat busy So the results are located below! First of all there are new threads in the Elder Forum - if you have access go and read. It means the Elder Forum is changing... Again.

We're approaching Christmas so best get ready for some more competitions and stuff!
The Winners!

o 1st: +4 Staff Favor, , and 500 credits.
o 2nd: +3 Staff Favor, and 250 credits.
o 3rd: +2 Staff Favor and .

Below are all the flags entered if you wish to look at them!!
Laser Sight
 - Updated by Albel

Large Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

Medium Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

Small Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

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