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Game News posted by Wolf
Wednesday, October 7th 2020
The Wasteland Map Design Contest is now open for discussion! There are 11 entries to choose from for the next map, as well as 4 'WTF-Style' maps. Of the 11 entries, the top 4 will be determined by player vote. Those 4 finalists will be put into an additional vote to determine which map we play next round.

Additionally, we will be doing some testing on DEV to verify playability of each of the final-4 maps. Players who assist in testing will be awarded the "Helping Legacy Staff" banner as well as receive a +2 staff favor. We will alert everyone once testing has commenced!

Asst Lead Helper
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, August 21st 2012
Heyo! New contest in the games forum. I've supplied an image you need to supply the lols - The closing date for that is the 28th. Have fun

Reminder that Staff/VH apps close this week on the 25th!

Short and sweet blog :3
Dark Flame
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X Ball
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Key Chip
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HOF Top 10's
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